Things are moving along and I am getting pretty excited. I got an amazing email from a client that I worked with in June and she seems to be someone that totally "got me" and understands how much I love what I do. That's always nice to hear.

".....I gotta tell you, I felt so at ease working with you and felt so comfortable around you. Almost like I had known you for a long time. All of my bridesmaids trusted you, as well. When the day of the wedding arrived and we all saw that Fieldcrest had put the chairs for the ceremony in the wrong spot, they were all like, "Brandi will be here soon and we can tell she has everything together." Jeremy also was so thankful for you and told me shortly after the wedding how great of a job he thought you did! :)"

That was a fabulous email to receive. I want to print it off and have it made into a t-shirt and just wear it around all the time. Speaking of t-shirts we are getting into having marketing materials produced. Cards have been ordered and they are fabulous. Haven't seen them printed but online they look great. More thanks to my husband for designing them. His theory is you've got to have the best to be the best and I definitely agree, so we aren't sparing many expenses when it comes to what we will have out in the public to represent me.

The website seems like it will just constantly be a work in progress, which is fine with me. It looks great now, but it will just continue to look better as we go along.

I've got to say there are SO many people that I will have to thank for all their care and support. I guess you really don't know how many people in your life are willing to help you, until you ask. I've even gotten some offers from great friends to "work" for/with me! Everyone that has asked has been someone I would have approached one day anyhow, so its great we are all on the same page! It is good to have event planning friends too!

Next up will be getting some PR out there. I've got something pretty awesome in the works, but won't mention it until I know if it is going to work out. If it doesn't, I'll definitely understand but if it does, it could make my business go from 0 to 160!!