Marketing, PR & Advertising

Well, here I am. A company in my hands and now I have to spread the word. Where do I start? There are SO many sites available to brides! I have talked with, and even Obviously any of those will be visited, and they each have their own pros & cons so it is really just up to me as to what direction I want.

Today's Bride will be available and directed totally to NE Ohio, which is really the only area that I would work in, in the first place BUT out of town brides getting married in NE Ohio might not know about a local site.

The Knot is well-known by almost all brides but it is directed nationwide so the cost is, of course, right in place with that much exposure, but do I need that much exposure? is the website of magazines such as Elegant Bride, Modern Bride and Brides. That is awesome, since those would all be magazines that brides would pick up when planning their wedding but their site isn't really well known.

Anyone have any ideas? Any other advertisers? Any feelings one way or another? I know that I have to advertise if I want to go anywhere with this. If I don't, I'm sure I can certainly "wait it out" for all the word of mouth business, but who has that kind of time?!?