First "All Events Planned" Wedding

We had our very first wedding this past weekend. For those of you that live in the Cleveland area, the wedding was on Saturday. Yes, the severe thunderstorm, down pouring rain, Saturday. We drove out in rain that was so bad, that the fastest speed on our wipers didn't even make a dent in the view out the front window. I got a bit nervous thinking that an outdoor wedding, on a grassy farm, was not going to be the HUGE success that it should be with all this rain. I text messaged the bride and she seemed very calm for such a giant storm on her wedding day. We stopped at Wal-Mart where we picked up 20 rain ponchos (just in case) and a few umbrellas for the wedding party. As we drove down towards Ashland, the closer we got, the nicer it got. It had only rained for 10 minutes there!! Phew.

Well, to my surprise the only thing worse then rain is very STRONG winds. So strong that it lifted up the tablecloths and knocked potted plants right off the table. (onto the ground, where they broke) It took 3 people to hold the tablecloths down JUST to get them on. Fortunately, I always carry pins with me so we pinned down the cloths, pinned down the runners and waited on putting down the flower pots again, until the wind died down.

After the wind, came sweltering sun and BUGS. After the downpour and the wind, I was thrilled to have the heat because it didn't interfere much with anything, other than my ability to move as quickly as I needed, without sweating, A LOT.

I will say that the bride and groom took it in stride! They were amazing to work with. They just enjoyed their time and had one of the happiest days I've seen. I, however, spent the day doing more manual labor than I have in my entire life. And every time the bride saw me covered in sweat and ready to pass out, she would ask, "Can't I help you or have someone help you?" My reply, always to every bride that ask this "No, thanks, I'm doing what you paid me to do and I'm happy to do it!" And I always am!

They hired a great band that was just INCREDIBLE. Not only were they an amazing band, but they were happy to work with me on the schedule, on the interruptions for toasts and anything else that popped up. Check them out if you enjoy Blue Grass

This was a very celebratory wedding, not so much a traditional or formal wedding but more of a honest to God, PARTY. I know people always say this is what they would have had for their celebration if they could have had something else, but these people really enjoyed themselves and had a GREAT time. Which, made every part of my job, pretty amazing. I love seeing people happy and knowing that they really appreciated what I did for them. I think these two are going to be a really happy pair and I wish them all the best of luck! (although I don't think either of them read this)

Wedding 1 (after 1 week in business) HUGE SUCCESS!!!