Fox 8 Reviews

When asking people to vote for me, I have never thought to ask them to review me as well but they have and even I'm impressed.  A friend from college has left the one I like the most, especially because I know that she does not have tons of free time to do this anyhow, but that I never mentioned a review to her in the first place.  Thank you!

I have known Brandi since she was getting her degree at Pennsylvania Culinary a decade ago. She is a real class act. She knows the event business inside and out. I am also in the event business (I manage a large hotel in Pittsburgh- wish I could tell you which one, but corporate policy does not allow me to use the name in endorsements) and I have met many wedding planners, but none that are as great as Brandi. She gets along well with vendors, is detail oriented, and really works hard. Unfortunately anyone can set up a website, read a few wedding magazines, and call themselves a wedding planner- so it is important to do your research. If you are looking for a wedding planner, I encourage you to talk to Brandi- learn about her experience, check her references. If you meet her, I am sure you will book her (if she is available!)f

While I'm at it I should say- go on and vote too!