Other Planners

I really have had the most wonderful client appointments lately.  I've also been given the great opportunity to hear more about my "competition" than most planners get to.  The best appointments are the ones where they tell me all about the other planners they met with but decide to go with me instead, for whatever reason.  Of course, that doesn't always happen, but it does happen more times than I'll admit. (for modesty's sake)

Truth be told, I like what I do, I've been doing it long enough to be very good at what I do and I'm very comfortable working with people.  That about sums up why someone would want to hire me.  Outside of that, I think that all planners have something "special" they offer to a bride.  There really is no way you can "steal" a client from another planner if the other planner is good at what they do.  The bridal clients always buys, YOU, they buy the person they are meeting, that they want to plan the most important day of their lives.

There is no sales course to teach you that technique, you either have it or you don't.  You are either a good fit for a client or you are not.  With that being said, I am referencing ONLY planners who are good at what they do, experienced and qualified to handle wedding events.  That is what will make the difference in how you view "competition" in this industry.

Tonight I had a meeting with a potential bridal client.  She was a wonderful women who I had a great time meeting.  When I asked who else she had met, she told me the name of the planner, she told me about their appointment, the pricing structure and where they stood with their planning process.  It seems to me, if I ask, brides will tell.  Sometimes, I'm surprised at how much they tell, but I'm always glad they tell.  I always wonder what a bridal client says about our appointment?!?  

Anyhow, I could tell that the bridal client liked the other planner and that she might actually still be leaning towards booking her.  I knew there wasn't much I could do beyond giving her the facts, the pricing, my experience and my abilities, to get her to book with me instead.  I could even tell in her style and personality that maybe the other planner was a better fit for her.  That's when I started thinking about the whole process of "sales" for a wedding planner and that's how this blog post came about.

I don't know who she will book with.  I sent her over all the information she requested as soon as I got to a computer, but I will definitely look forward to hearing her feedback on our meeting.  If she does end up booking with the other planner, I won't blame her, sometimes having a style and matching personality matter more than all the experience in the world.