Who Really Needs a Wedding Planner- 2

The response from the last interview with a bridal client was HUGE and I am SO glad because I think this might be my favorite series.  I'm really interested in hearing from brides that used other planners, so if you did use a planner (not me) send me your answers so I can post it on the blog in the next edition of "Who Really Needs a Planner." 
To follow up with the series I have an interview with a bride that was referred to me through At Last Event Planning.  Here are a few photos from her wedding.

Photos are all courtesy of the great and wonderful people at Z Media.  

Q: What made you decide to hire a wedding planner? 
A: I hired a planner within the last month of the wedding planning because the details of the day became overwhelming. It was reassuring to know that she would be there to oversee everything that needed to be done on my day so I didnt have to worry about it.

Q: What types of things attracted you to each planner that you interviewed?
A: I didnt interview planners, only Brandi, and she seemed very organized and professional.


Q: What was the best thing your wedding planner did for you? 
A: EVERYTHING!!! Basically, handling the little details that I couldn't do on my actual wedding day and coordinating with each of the vendors to make sure they were where they were suppose to be that day!!

Q: What was something your planner did that you would never have thought of doing?
A: At dinner, she came to the head table, asked the bridal party if we needed anything, and offered to get us drinks!

Q: Did you feel that your wedding planner was worth the cost?
A: Definitely!!

Q: Was there anything you would have changed about your experience with your wedding planner?
A: No.

Q: What was something you wish you would have known before hiring your planner?
A: I only wish that I would of hired Brandi sooner! It would of alleviated a lot of stress on my part.

Q: Is there any situation where you could see why a bride would NOT want a wedding planner?
A: Only if she could not afford it.

The best part of Christine's last answer is that most planners can work with a bride on any budget.  You cut back the areas you don't need more service and you only use a planner during the most important aspects of your wedding planning.  That way anyone, on any budget can still enjoy the expertise and knowledge of a very skilled planner.  I don't ever suggest hiring a less experienced planner because they are "cheaper" unless you are prepared to work with someone, with, well, less experience.  

Bride's send me your interviews, I want to hear about other planners as well!