LuLu's Sweet Secret- The secret is she's amazing!

I had the wonderful joy of experiencing a cake tasting this afternoon with fellow wedding planner, Jennifer Hartman of Heart 2 Heart Occasions.  

We were invited to experience LuLu's Sweet Secrets cakes and also to check out the amazing art work that she creates in sugar flowers.  To claim that she has "talent" is quite an understatement as we were both totally blown away when we saw the realistic looking, delicate, incredible and EDIBLE flowers she creates for cakes.  

Our tasting menu was as follows (please be advised you will want to immediately eat cake upon reading this)  Also, keep in mind that all of the items are created by hand and absolutely fresh.  

Almond Cake- Dluce de Leche French Buttercream & Almond Praline (that's REAL almonds to create the almond flavor in this cake, it was my favorite) 

Victoria Sponge- Strawberry Preserve & Strawberry Buttercream & Vanilla Bean French Buttercream

Vanilla Cake- Lemon Syrup & Blackberry White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream & Lemon Buttercream

Chocolate Cake- Dulce de Leche & Fleur De Sel & Belgian Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Here are the cakes from the tasting- 

These cakes were SO good.  You could taste each flavor that she put together in each cake.  They were soft, moist and creative.  This isn't your everyday cake, this is a spectacular creation of flavors that together provide an outstanding experience.  If you want something a little different, something that your guests won't get everywhere else, this is your wedding cake vendor!  

Here is some of her art-

My pictures do her work no justice, head over to her blog to check it out.  Keep in mind that those flowers are all edible, that work is done individually, by hand and is a true piece of art!

Happy Planning!