Top 5 First Dance Moments from All Events Planned Weddings

Top 5 First Dance Moments from All Events Planned Weddings

You did it! You are officially married and ready to celebrate married life. However, before everyone can join in the celebration, the couple gets to have their first dance. The timeless wedding tradition symbolizing the couple coming together as one to share a dance alone with family and friends surrounding them smiling. It’s always fun to see what the couple will do; a serious choreographed dance, something silly or simply holding each other swaying to the music.

Over the years, we have seen some very sweet first dances and are lucky enough to share them.

In 2010, Lisa and Josh share a laugh during their first dance at the Conrad Botzum Farmstead.

In 2011, at the Club at Key Center, Nataya and Louis shared a romantic kiss during their time alone on the dance floor.
Photo Credit: Spencer Photography

In 2011, Margaret and Todd elegantly twirled across the dance floor at Signature of Solon Country Club as family and friends smiled and applauded for their new life together.
Photo Credit: Sugar Bush Design

In 2014, Kevin and Katie couldn’t stop smiling during their first dance! Their excitement and happiness filled the Mayfield Sand Ridge Club as they celebrated the start of their married life.
Photo Credit: Z Media

In 2015, Emily and Steve shared a quiet moment together as they graced the dance floor for their first dance at Silver Grille.
Photo Credit: Justin K. Photography