We Go Together Like Cake and Frosting ... One Sweet Proposal

Many of you may remember the ever so popular engagement video on Facebook that Wild Flour Bakery in Rocky River, OH posted about a month ago. Well, we just thought it was the cutest thing and just had to learn more about the stars, Adam and Carolyn. They so graciously participated in our engagement interview and even said they had so much fun doing it!

In Adam’s words; It all started when they ran into each other at a Country Music festival, where a mutual friend introduced them. Adam said he was muddy and gross; it was the type of festival where everyone camped out and hardly anyone showered. The following day, their phones were both dead. Adam said he tried calling any number he could remember on a buddy’s phone to retrieve Carolyn’s number. Low and behold, he saw her walking up the hill and we locked eyes again. He was so close to not even going to this festival!

When I asked Adam what his first impression of Carolyn was he said: “Lighthearted…the second I met her it was like a calming presence came over me and I felt like any outside ugliness from the world couldn’t find its way in.” Carolyn’s response was just as adorable: “Handsome (I mean it is a first impression after all!) I was so attracted to his green eyes and then when we started talking I remember thinking to myself "Plus he's so sweet and has a great sense of humor?!" I was one smitten kitten from the get-go.”

You can see the rest of their interview below:

AEP: Tell me something about your fiancé that people may not know.
Carolyn: Sometimes when Adam and I are watching TV he will doze off and fall asleep. Every once in a while, he will bust out into a deep, full belly laugh and it is the funniest thing. I always end up laughing too and when he finally wakes up, he never has any clue what was so funny in his dream.

AEP: What types of hobbies do you like to do together?
Carolyn: We love trying new brunch spots together. We're on opposite sides of the brunch drinks spectrum. He's not a fan of Bloody Mary's while I am on a perpetual hunt for the best Bloody Mary spot around town, so it's a fun way for us to find good spots all over town that we both love. We are also big fans of being outdoors, whether its talking a walk outside to spending a whole day on the beach.

AEP: What is one of the things on your bucket list to do as a couple?
Adam: Definitely to travel to Europe together. Carolyn is an amazing travel partner; she does all of the research and it is always such a great experience.

AEP: What is one of your fondest dating memories and how did it influence moving forward together?
Adam: Carolyn lived in Columbus and I in Cleveland when we first started out. I drove down for our first date, and I loved how after our post dinner walk she offered up the option of grabbing night caps at a bar around the corner. Somehow we are always the type that likes to end up with just each other at a dive bar around last call.  
Carolyn: Adam and I had a week between when we first met and our first date. I was SO nervous to see him again. Adam drove all the way down to Columbus just to go on one date that night and when he came to the door, my heart started racing realizing he was even cuter than I remembered! As we were walking to dinner together, he automatically reached for my hand and we held hands the whole way to dinner. It was such a small gesture but it made me feel at ease and his hand holding mine couldn't have been more perfect.

AEP: After you two are married, what is the first thing of each other’s that you will make each other get rid of?
Adam: Carolyn has some weird decorations. I would have to go with this random large plastic camel she brings out at Christmas time. It must have originally been a part of a nativity scene? I don’t know…just a strange thing to see all December.

AEP: How was your first Christmas and New Years as an engaged couple?
Adam: It flew by so fast! It was filled with anxiety at first because we are both close with our families and wanted to squeeze in as much time with everybody as we could, but it was great to see everyone’s genuine excitement for our wedding.

AEP: What are you looking most forward to on the wedding day?
Adam: The general celebration with everybody. I always have fun with Carolyn’s family and friends; and I feel she mutually enjoys my friends and family. I just hope I don’t cry in front of everybody at the ceremony when I first see her walk down the aisle. 
Carolyn: Seeing Adam at the alter when I'm walking down the aisle. We aren't planning to see each other from after dinner on Friday through the ceremony on Saturday, which will be VERY long for us. I'm sure I'll be practically sprinting down the aisle and just to be standing next to him.

AEP: How did you know you were ready to propose?
Adam: The tough part about that is I knew right away, but I knew I had to let time pass for our relationship to mature and develop, and for us to be in a right place as individuals. But I actually knew on my birthday exactly a year prior. Carolyn went above and beyond for my birthday and treated it like a special holiday, I felt like a kid on my birthday again because she went to so much trouble for me.

AEP: How did you prepare for the proposal?
Adam: I had the cake idea for awhile but then ventured away from it and thought of unrealistic ideas. Once I settled on an idea, I called Wild Flour and they were just so excited to join in that it felt like a perfect set up. I came in two times before the engagement to work out details and then just waited for Carolyn behind two giant refrigerators.

AEP: How did you feel before proposing?
Adam: Nervous! I may have had a cocktail prior… But I also was rehearsing what I’d say and I’m pretty sure I did not say any of it when I was down on a knee!

AEP: Who out of your friends and family helped you pull off the proposal?
Adam: My older sister Katie asked Carolyn to pick up my “birthday” cake, while my mom put together the party at Eastend Bistro in Lakewood where we celebrated with close friends and family.

AEP: How did you keep it a secret?
Adam: I am a terrible secret keeper. I was convinced Carolyn knew the whole time. I am a teacher, and I kept making up surprise random parent-teacher conferences to throw her off my scent. Carolyn was so annoyed with me hahaha.

AEP: What was your initial thought when you read the cake?
Carolyn: I honestly thought they had the wrong cake. If it wouldn't have had my nickname "Slippy" on it, I would have been convinced I ruined someone's engagement. Once I realized it was for me, I didn't know Adam was there, so I didn't know who to say 'yes' to! Once I realized he was there it all sunk in and I was a mess!

AEP: What was the first thing you did after the proposal?
Carolyn: Since Adam and I drove separately I drove back home with my mouth hanging open out of shock. Then, as you could see in the video, I was in workout clothes, so I had to attempt to get ready and that was nearly impossible--I was so excited and the last thing I wanted to was my hair and makeup. Once I did, our family and friends were at a EastEnd Bistro waiting at the engagement party!

AEP: What is your favorite part of your engagement story?
Carolyn: It's so hard to choose! I think knowing now that Adam had to keep a secret for so long. He has such a hard time keeping secrets and it's one of my favorite things about him--he usually gets so excited for things he spills the beans ahead of time. I will also never forget for the rest of my life what he said when he was on his knee, "Your hand is the only hand I want to hold the rest of my life." I still tear up thinking about it now.

AEP: Did you give Adam any hints on what you wanted for a ring or did you leave it all up to him?
Carolyn: Not at all and he couldn't have done a better! I still catch myself still staring at it wondering how he did such a great job. People will say, "It looks like it was made to fit your hand perfectly" when they see it and I can't disagree!

AEP: What is a pet name/nickname that Adam has for you? Do you have one for him?
Carolyn: Adam calls me Slippy (the name on the cake). It came from the night we met, it was pouring rain and I wanted to run to the front of the concert to get closer so I grabbed his hand and started running. As I was running I slipped through the mud and landed flat out on the ground. I was so embarrassed I jumped right back up, grabbed his hand again and kept running. The bruise from the fall went away but the name stuck!

 AEP: Are you proud of Adam for pulling off the most adorable engagement ever?
Carolyn: YES! I watched the video at least one time a week. And local wedding vendors and other people will tell us they've seen us or recognize us, which makes it all the more fun. It's such a wonderful memory we will have the rest of our lives together and one we could share with other people, too. I already knew Adam was perfect, but if this definitely confirmed it even more.

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