Simple and Easy Wedding Speciality Drinks

Cheers, you're getting married!  Consider trying one of these cocktails for your bar. All of them contain most of the ingredients you would have in a traditional wedding bar anyway!

Lavender - Love - & - Lemon Libation

With just this one organic, locally made cocktail syrup, you can turn a normal bar into a one that will win a true mixologists heart at your wedding.

Pope's Kitchen has an array of delicious syrups, but today we want to talk about their amazing Lavender Lemon Cocktail Syrup. Simply mix this with some champagne for an elegant toast with a twist or have it at the bar and splash to your everyday vodka soda. Easy as (lemon) pie!

Take note that Pope's also sells their cocktail syrups in larger sizes, which make serving a drink like this at your wedding more cost effective.

Sweet Cherry Limeade

How does a little rum, lime, lemonade, some sort of bubbly wash, and some cherry's on top sound?  Like a delicious sonic alcoholic Limeade, right!?!?! So Refreshing! Talk to your bartender and see what they can add to the bar to make this.  Lemon Lime soda / lime juice w/lemonade or limeade, grenadine.  These ingredients can easily be used as washes or add ins to other drinks too!

Vanilla, Ice, and ..... Anything

Have you thought about adding a flavored vodka?  Vanilla Vodka & Ginger ale; Tastes like cream soda! Vanilla Vodka & Pineapple Juice; Umm Yesssss Please.  Vanilla Vodka & Coke; Duh! Vanilla Vodka & Coffee; Keep drinking and stay energized, Yayy!

Hopefully I have helped provide some inspiration on how you can expand your bar into something fun with just one or a few simple ingredients.  Let us know what you come up with or feel free to ask us help create something perfect for your wedding!

Rhiannon KirkComment