How to Make Flower Petal Toss Holders

For one of our weddings this summer we made these super cute and super easy flower petal holders.  Let us know if you need help with yours.  We can work it into your package if you are an All Events Planned bride that needs help assembling them or for anyone that would like us to actually make and design custom holders for you. There are many different ways you can make these to compliment the personality and style of your wedding, which we will mention a few below.

For these particular holders, you simply start off with some paper doilies and double sided tape.  yes, that is it!!! Don't be fooled by the other crafting supplies in the photo. 

Substitutes: Instead of doilies, you can use any type of paper product like a cute piece of scrap book paper or brown Kraft paper.  You can add your monogram to it, your wedding date or a cute saying. You can also make or order little bags or something else already assembled. Instead of the double-sided tape, get cute washi tape in a fun pattern or a metallic foil, or order stickers with your names on them. 

Next, create a cone with the doily.  Make sure the open part on the bottom is small enough that the petals will not fall out.  Then simply secure with the double sided tape.  After doing one or two, you will probably find a strategy that works best for you.  Some people might find that it is easier to put the tape on one side first.  You just have to be careful to not let it get in contact with the doily until its in the place it is supposed to be because it will stick and may rip if you try to lift it off. However, of course the best way is to have a helper!!

Substitutes: In this picture, we show the doily filled already, you don't necessarily have to have them filled already, you can always create a cute little 'station' where guests can fill their own doily pocket, because who doesn't love a station / activity for guests to do?

Another item you will need are the flowers! We would recommend asking your florist to order some extra petals for you.  We also recommend real petals and not the fake ones from the craft store because you don't want to have to pick those up, especially if you are outside as simply sweeping them will be hard to do.  Lastly, check with your florist that they will come in petal form, and not still on the stems or you may have to factor in time to pick off the petals. (That would be a lot of "he loves me, he loves me not's" and who wants to risk that and play that game on their wedding day!?)

Substitutes: Any other flowers, lavender, sprinkles, or something biodegradable.  Basically think about the clean up, and what will be ok to toss into the air?  You don't want anything that is dangerous (obviously) or anything that will get in peoples eyes.

Look how pretty!!!  In this picture you will see that we reused this box to hold our finished doilies so they would stay upright during transportation.  For the actual ceremony, put them in a cute basket or everyone has their own chair and your holder can support it, attach a ribbon to it and hang them on the chairs.

As you walk down the isle, the end result will be so much fun and be great for photos!!!! Make sure you have the officiant tell your guests throw the flowers.  It might also be a good idea to make sure the your bridal party and family sitting in the front row know as well so they can start the trend. Another way to let guests know when it is tie to sprinkle you with love is a good ol' sign! Last by definitely not least, make sure your photographer and videographer know!  You will want them to be prepared to capture the moment and may have some input too.

Here is what it can look like! Unfortunately, this is not the actual image from the wedding we did.  We found this photo on Pintrest.  But its a pretty accurate of the fun and excitement ahead!!! Cheers!


Rhiannon KirkComment