This Photographer is no Khan artist

We are pausing in the midst of our incredibly fun anniversary celebration to go back to our “regularly scheduled programming”. I love interviewing vendors in this industry. Honestly, whether they are in photography, calligraphy/design, entertainment, caterers or bakers, everyone brings so many fresh ideas. And I have never heard the same advice more than once, which surprises me!

At All Events Planned, we have worked with some amazing people. They treat clients as family, deliver unparalleled quality, and have a blast doing it. Kamron Khan is such an example of one of these vendors. Her company, Kamron Khan Photography, is one of the standouts because of her unique vision and attention to detail. I loved hearing her advice, and if I ever get the means to bring a photographer to travel Europe with me, you can bet I am inviting her!

All Events Planned: How would you describe your style, your personality and/or your brand?

Kamron Khan: My style is clean, colorful, and timeless. I work with my clients to create an experience where they can be comfortable and confident in front of my camera and it shows. I love creating beautiful stylized images that look like they belong on the cover of vogue as well as capturing real moments of genuine emotion.

AEP: How would you describe your ideal client?

KK: My ideal client values working with a true professional. Whether it's clothes, food, or wedding vendors, they understand that quality products and services are an investment. They appreciate a professional taking the lead and directing them towards making the best decisions. My clients are open minded and like to be creative. They find pride in being the innovator in their circle of friends and any recommendations they make are valued because they only work with the best. My clients are smart, professional, well spoken and confident individuals who have put in the time and work it takes to start this next chapter in their lives as successfully as possible.

AEP: What are a few mistakes people sometimes make when choosing a photographer?

KK: Do not hire a friend/family member that owns a camera and takes pictures as a hobby.  There are so many moving parts to a wedding day, so many issues that may arise. Not to mention, a hobbiest more than likely does not have the appropriate gear to capture a wedding day. As a professional, I have backup gear, and backups for my backup gear in case something malfunctions. I have multiple lenses to capture different perspectives. I know the flow of a wedding day and can anticipate moments (so I don't miss that first kiss). I can handle your 25 excited aunties and uncles during the family portrait time, and I enjoy meeting your guests during the reception while they smile for the camera. Let your friends and family enjoy the day with you instead of having the pressure of capturing the most important day in your life.  If budget is a concern, consider hiring a professional whose work you LOVE for a few hours to capture the most important parts of the day. Not all photographers have this option, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

AEP: What questions should someone be sure to ask when selecting a photographer?

KK: The most important thing to ask your photographer is to see a 1-2 full wedding galleries. I'm not even going to lie. We share our BEST photos online. We don't have the cpacity to share every single image, so you always see our favorites. You want to see our full galleries so you can see that we are consistent. A photographer you adore on Instagram may post beautiful portraits, but photos from every other part of the day are sub par. Do your homework and make sure you are happy with your decision. Ask your photographer their recommendations for how much time they need throughout the dayto get you the photos you want. Leaving 15 minutes for portraits between the ceremony and reception will only get you a couple of photos and won't leave much time for creativity. I always recommend a first look to couples that have a tight timeline. This gives us more time together! And lastly, during an initial consultation, I explain to my clients how the wedding day looks from a photo perspective. So ask your photographer about the flow of the day. Knowing that you are hiring someone that knows when and where they need to be at any point in the day is reassuring.

AEP: What service that you offer should couples be SURE to book with you?

KK: I absolutely recommend every couple does an engagement session. Even if your cousin already took your engagement photos, we still need to do one. This isn't just a time to get some beautiful photos. This is also a time for us to interact and get to know each other. When we work together before the big day, you will get a feel for how I work and most important, you will become more comfortable with me! On your wedding day, we will literally be spending all day together, so I'd love for us to already have an established relationship. This will make our time together even more fun!

AEP: If you had a client who had endless funds what unique ideas and products/services would you offer them?

KK: What a fun question! If I had a client with unlimited funds, I would recommend we travel somewhere new and exciting for their engagement session. Let's go to the Big Apple for some fun city vibes, eat croissants at a cute cafe near the Eiffel Tower or walk the streets of Milan in your most fashion forward looks. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

AEP What do you think sets you apart from other photographers?

KK: I see the world differently. I find beauty in the most unexpected way and can visualize a shot before I even take out my camera. I connect with my subjects and even the most reluctant participants feel comfortable after just a few minutes of working with me. My entire goal is to capture you in a way that you love. I want you to say "WOW! I look amazing!" when you see your photos because you ARE!

AEP: What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your industry?

KK: There is no barrier of entry to get in my field. Thus, it makes it very easy for anyone to pick up a camera and say they are a photographer. It can be extremely overwhelming when looking for a photographer because there are so many options. Please know that not everyone who picks up a camera is doing this for a quick buck. Do your research. You'll know within 10 minutes of meeting someone where their heart lies. I put so much time and money into mastering my craft and becoming the best so that I can do my very best for my clients.

Huge thank you to Kamron for sharing your heart with us! I don’t know about you, but much of her advice and observations resonated with me. Even from these few questions you can get a sense for how genuine she is. In my opinion, that is one of the most important qualities to look for when booking a photographer (or in a friend to have coffee with). Check out her website/gallery and see firsthand why we love working with her! Her photos are stunning!

Brandi Hamerstone