Hot Photog on the Block

We have had the pleasure of working with a new to us vendor — Copper Photo. And let me tell you - working with Nikki is a DREAM, and her work is amazing. Watching her interact with clients is a joy; everyone is laughing. Nikki is truly a wonderful person and treats her clients like family. So naturally, we HAD to a vendor interview with her! Nikki has a unique approach to wedding photography, that she describes better than I ever could.

AEP: How would you describe your style, your personality, and your brand?

Copper Photo: I’d describe Copper Photo Co. as an extension of myself and how I see things. I want our work to show each couple as they truly are. My brand was created as a response to what I was seeing, and disliking, in the wedding photography industry. I wanted my couples to feel like they could be themselves, and I wanted to capture that in the photos. Some couples are full of laughter and huge energy, so they should be laughing and happy in all their photos! On the flip side, some of my couples have soft, warm love stories where they melt into each other and are calm and relaxed, and that should show as well. No one should feel forced into feeling like something they aren’t.

AEP: Who is your ideal client?

CP: My ideal client is someone that is more laid back and go with the flow in their wedding approach. Of course a plan is nearly always in place, but I want my clients to be the type that can show up with me to a location, and can freely wander to where we are feeling at the moment. This ideal client is also someone who knows it takes building a huge level of trust with me! We need to have that trust in many parts of the wedding experience, from letting me help guide in finding locations for photos, to trusting my in the moment direction (which sometimes involves climbing into things, over things, etc. haha).

**And believe us, if you trust Nikki, you will NOT be disappointed!!

AEP: What are a few mistakes couples sometimes make when choosing their photographer?

CP: I think a very easy mistake that couples make is simply choosing a photographer based on budget. While I’m very aware that budget is a largely important factor in every wedding, I think having a true understanding of what quality and experience you’ll be receiving is huge. I, very unfortunately, have had multiple couples that are friends of my clients come up to me at some point in the wedding experience and say how much they disliked their wedding photos. It makes me so upset to hear, especially when it’s followed by “we wish we just spent the extra [$] amount”.

AEP: What questions should couples be sure to ask when selecting a photographer?

CP: I love when clients ask potential photographers what it’s like to work with them and what they can expect leading up to and on their wedding day. I also really love when potential clients ask me what my approach to editing is. Being able to explain those things and have them understand it should be a very true difference-maker when they’re deciding between a few photographers.

AEP: What service that you offer should couples be SURE to book with you??

CP: I am a huge fan of engagement sessions! It’s a great time to not only get some photos of you and your significant other that aren’t in wedding clothes, but it’s a perfect excuse for us to all hang out and get to know each other better! It’s so much fun when I show up to weddings and feel like old friends, makes things so much more laid back and easy!

AEP: If you had a client who had endless funds what unique ideas and products/services would you offer them?

CP: I would 100% encourage them to let their personalities sing through an adventure/travel session. Whether they can and want an elopement somewhere that speaks to their souls (mountain, beach, etc.) or if they want an engagement session somewhere with a lot of meaning that isn’t in their hometown, that’s what I’d vote for 100% of the time. We once had a couple who was getting married in Cleveland but got engaged in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is so very important to them, and they opted to have us fly out and photograph their engagement session there, and it was absolute perfection. Not only did they get photos in a place that has such deep meaning to them, but they had red rocks and desert for their engagement and more urban and city for their wedding which provided great contrast. Best of both worlds, for sure.

AEP: Are there any recent trends that seem great in theory, but couples should avoid?

CP: I’m not going to lie here, and this could get me crucified with some photographers (even ones I personally know!) but I am so. over. people editing so the greens in their photos look drab and grey. SO over it. I understand everyone has their own editing style and that’s one of the most wonderful things that separates all of us from each other, but man, I am not a fan of grass that looks grey!

AEP: What do you think sets you apart from other photographers?

CP: I truly want every single wedding to feel like the couple themselves. I do everything I can during the photo session to try and bring out the true personalities of my couples, so it shows in the photos. I think some photographers can get pigeonholed into doing the same poses in the same locations all the time, but I truly strive to make every experience different and customized to each couple.

AEP: What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your industry?

CP: HA. This is the best question. I have had many people in my life make the comment “it’s so cool that you only work on Saturdays!” which drives me up a wall. I think the largest misconception is the amount of time it takes to effectively run a successful business in the wedding industry. From planners, to photographers, to florists, etc. I’ve seen all of us run into this dreaded comment from a random person, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality I’ve experienced, is that wedding industry professionals actually end up working more than a 40 hour work week, pouring every single emotion into their work. 

Wow, Nikki - thank you! Your vision of how weddings should be captured is a breath of fresh air. There are so many great photographers to choose from, but be sure to have a couple phone conversations to see if you really vibe with any vendor you’re thinking of booking for your wedding day. Your photographer is the vendor you will spend the most time with, and they will capture the most intimate and special moments from your wedding day. Nikki gave great suggestions about the types of questions to ask and what to look for — the photographer who will have the look you really want. We hope this was helpful as you plan your wedding. Please email {} if you have any questions, and be SURE to check out @copperphotoco on Instagram!

Brandi Hamerstone