Shufflin' into Spring

Were you under the impression that shuffleboard is only for retirement communities? Well, prepare to be proven wrong!


Forest City Shuffleboard is not only a fun place to spend your Friday or Saturday (or even a weekday!) night, but it’s also an awesome space for an event! We interviewed the owner, Jim Miketo, to hear more about the history of FCS and some of its best features!

All Events Planned: How you describe Forest City's atmosphere?

Forest City Shuffleboard: The atmosphere at Forest City Shuffleboard Arena and Bar (FCS) is very cozy and approachable. The theme of the space is vintage varsity and when you walk in, you should feel a sense of nostalgia. We made an effort to help keep a lot of the original features of the building that is over 110 years old. With a space as large as we have, it was also important to connect the different areas so as not to feel like you are in a large, overwhelming space.

AEP: What kind of events do you host at Forest City?

FCS: We host all types of events at FCS and that is a function of the game of shuffleboard. Shuffleboard is a game that every can pick up and enjoy as it is a very social, interactive event. Some of the events we have hosted include birthday parties, company outings, sales meetings, wedding related events, high school reunions, fundraisers and much more.

AEP: What has been one of the most memorable events that have taken place here?

FCS: We have greatly enjoyed hosting all of our events and parties. We genuinely work hard to make each event unique and fun, and satisfied customers is why we are in this business. For me, the most memorable event was my daughter's first birthday. We had only been open for a few months, but it was extremely special to me because we had our daughter as we started the journey to build out and ultimately open FCS. In her first year, we went through a lot of ups and downs with the buildout but to cap it off with a flamingo themed birthday party, was very special.

AEP: What is a feature that someone should splurge on when booking Forest City?

FCS: We have a parking lot and lots of street parking, but I would say valet parking. It isn't terribly expensive, but can give the event a more formal feel if that is what you are after.

AEP: Describe your ideal client or person to work with.

FCS: We truly enjoy working with all of our customers and our main goal is to make their event fun and memorable. 

AEP: What are some common mistakes you've seen people make when booking event space?

FCS: The biggest thing we see, is people ordering too much food. A lot of times, people will over estimate the guest count, or how much the guests will eat.

AEP: What do you recommend couples (or really anyone) be aware of when looking for a venue?

FCS: Make sure the event is right for you and what you want to look back on years down the road in a favorable light. Also, work within your budget. It is easy to throw money at the event, but don't break the bank doing it. 

AEP: What is the biggest misconception about your venue (or the event industry)?

FCS: Shuffleboard is cool and fun! It is not just for 90+ year olds living in Senior Living Communities in Florida. If you have not tried it, please do. It is a very fun and social game that anyone can play and win!

^^See, told you!! :-)

If you are looking for a fun place for date night or to celebrate a birthday, head on over to Forest City Shuffleboard! The staff are wonderful, the food is delicious, and you will have a blast! Be sure to check out their website for more information and to see a menu!

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