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Secrets Behind DJ/Entertainment Company
This is one of the very first interviews that, when requested, I received back in under 24 hours.  If that doesn't say something about their service, follow up and ability, than nothing will.  I have followed them on Facebook and have had the opportunity to learn more about what an amazing company they are through their blog and emails.  I'm so excited to present secrets behind DJ/Entertainment by Something New Entertainment.
Here is a little bit on Something New Entertainment-
"At Something New Entertainment, we know that your event is special. We know that like each couple, each wedding is unique, and we want to help you make your celebration your own while ensuring that your reception runs smoothly. We eliminate the worries so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party of your dreams!"

And a special thanks to AJ9 for all of the prompt responses to my request for an interview!  Here is a little bit about her!

AJ9 has worked professionally as a theatrical wardrobe and makeup mistress, shouldering many of the personal needs of theatrical stars from unwrapping cough drops and wiping noses to assisting with quick changes and solving wardrobe malfunctions in a pinch. She compares the high energy environment backstage to that of a wedding reception. "Your bride and your groom are like your leading lady and leading man. It's our job to make sure their evening goes smoothly by helping however we can while selecting music to keep the party going!"

And now for the interview you have all been waiting for!

Q: What is the biggest misconception about your industry?

A: That we play music, or, rather that we "just" play music. That's not to say we don't play music (of course we do!), but rather that there are so many more elements to a great disc jockey and master of ceremonies than pressing "play" or "making a few announcements." A great DJ/MC knows how to bring life to the party without becoming the center of attention, knows how to "read" the crowd to keep playing songs they'll love to keep your dance floor packed all night, has a professional, carefully-crafted microphone presence, and will take the time to make planning meetings to get to know you, your fiance, and your musical tastes in order to do all this with the music you love.

Q: What are a few mistakes brides make when choosing a DJ?

A: Oooh -- for me, this is the Apples to Apples question. Like many aspects of their wedding, most brides and grooms have never hired a DJ before, and they may never again. The service that we provide to them is just that -- a service and only a service. We don't give them a cake like their cakery, flowers like their florist, or images like their photographer (though we do hope to contribute to really, really great photos!). What we deliver is this amorphous thing that they can't see or touch, so sometimes it's difficult for brides and grooms to figure out how to compare us, so they turn to price-shopping. Unfortunately, we're not all the same -- it's not like buying a toaster. There are BIG, BIG differences from company to company, as well as from individual DJ to DJ, and it's just as important to consider the same elements used in hiring a cakery, florist, or photographer when hiring a DJ, considerations like experience, quality, knowledge, and style. Price should be the last thing on your mind, especially since many companies have packages at several different price points. Though of course it's important whether the price is right, in the end, it's much more important whether the DJ is right, and a professional company will definitely not be your lowest bidder.
Q: What things should a bride look for when hiring a DJ?

A: A bride and groom should look for someone who is able to help them crystallize and execute a vision based on them -- not whatever the "standard" is or whatever they "usually" play. It's your day, and it should be about you, but we know it's hard to come up with the right questions to ask yourself to get there! That's where we come in. Last year, I heard some wedding guests whisper to each other as they were leaving "that was so much fun, and it was so Jim and Kate!" Best compliment I have ever received!
Q: What is one of the worst things that can happen when booking a DJ?

A: We have fairly-frequent requests for brides and grooms to have a "swing-by" where they stop in to another event to see their DJ in action. Just remember -- if you get a swing-by to someone's event where the DJ's time and attention is divided between you and the wedding he or she is working -- it's likely that someone or maybe more than one someones will be stopping by your reception for the same. We host periodic public performances (and of course you're always welcome to visit us on the Goodtime III) so that couples can have the opportunity to see us in action.
Q: What is the worst story you have heard about a mistake someone in your industry has made, anyone, ever?
A: Of course straight-up not showing up, not bringing any equipment, wearing a tuxedo T-shirt or something equally inappropriate, doing something tacky to call unnecessary attention to him or herself, playing songs off the "do-not-play" list I'm sure are all on the "biggest fears" list for most brides and grooms, but all of these problems stem from a greater problem: preparation. The biggest mistake any company can make is in not adequately training their staff to learn to avoid these situations to begin with and to troubleshoot if they do occur. Something New has an Apprentice training program to seek out an nurture new talent. Successful Apprentices advance to Assistant DJs, and successful Assistant DJs advance to full DJ/MCs. I come from a teaching background, so we actually use a written curriculum that I produced which emphasizes vocal tone, diction, timing, musical styles and history, sound theory, mood, crowd-reading, electrical/equipment design and setup, etc. sound theory hands on shadowing
Q: If a client had endless funds what unique idea/service or products would you offer them?

A: Lighting, and specifically uplighting, hands down. Oh my gosh, I love uplighting! It is just the ultimate eye-candy, as far as I'm concerned! We do have smaller packages starting out with just a few fixtures to add accents around the head table or in another key location, but a full-coverage design can transform a space in ways that are really and truly amazing. Justin has worked professionally as a lighting designer and technician for some pretty big-time stuff, too -- at venues like Blossom, Tower City (or whatever it's called this year, ha ha), and the late Carousel Dinner Theatre, and he's quite an artist with the lights. All of our lighting is cutting-edge, technology-wise, and uses light emitting diodes (commonly known as LEDs). They look fantastic, and they're "green;" they use dramatically less energy themselves, plus, they don't get hot, so additional energy is saved on the venue's air conditioning system, too. This also eliminates the very real risk of dangerous burns and fire that the cheaper, older lights that are available to DIYers, which are very, very hot. Another advantage of our uplighting serviceis that we have the capability to create amazing intelligent lighting designs for you using advanced computerized DMX technology -- meaning that the specific colors and intensity of the lights can change over the course of the evening. For example: one of my favorite effects is to simulate the sunset within the room. Over the course of Cocktail Hour and Dinner, as the sun sets, the lighting changes smoothly and gradually from orange or yellow to blush, to maroon, to mulberry, and to finally to purple, just like the sky! A very subtle effect, but powerful.
Q: What is the one thing bridal clients should Review in contracts with their DJ?

A: The basic stuff, of course -- when, where, and how much -- but, also, if you've requested a specific person, any additional services you've requested, and any additional costs. A contract is a promise made to protect you, so know your recourse if the terms of the contract are not met, and make sure to get a copy with the signature of the company representative (preferably the owner) for your own records.
Q: What is the one thing you wish all of your clients knew when working with you?

A: Did you know St. Louis Bride and Groom Magazine conducted a poll and that more than 80% of wedding guests surveyed said that what they remembered most about a wedding was the entertainment? That's how important your DJ is, and we're ready and eager to live up to that demanding role. I think it's easy to underestimate the amount of time your DJ puts in to your event. It's not just the five hours your reception lasts, it's also an hour setting up, and hour tearing down, probably an hour or more travelling to and fro, an hour making special preparations with regard to grooming and dress including drycleaning, ironing, etc. Multiply all of those by two to count for the Assistant DJ, as well., plus the DJ/MC also holds at least two planning meetings and conducts several hours of music research to prepare a library of selections that fit into the bride and groom's stated musical preferences.
Well, that interview says it all!  They are incredible and obviously very passionate about what they do.  If that's what you look for in your DJ, then go on over and book Something New Entertainment for your wedding.

In the meantime,
Happy Planning,