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Budget Tracking made Fun!
There are 100's of forms, sheets and documents for keeping track of your budget as you go through the planning process but none as adorable and easy to use as this one!

This might be the first thing that was created to make spending money fun!!

Happy Planning! 
Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- WWW
WWW- Decisions 

When making decisions during the planning process stop and ask yourself "why?"  Why are you choosing to do things a certain way or to have certain things at your wedding.  If it is because you feel "obligated" to or because "that's the way everyone else does it" then rethink your decision.  This is your wedding and your chance to make it something unique and special to you.  Choose to do things in a way that will be fun, personal and special to your and your groom and you'll be much happier than if you do things because you "have to." 

Happy Planning! 
Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Plan Ahead
Before you go anywhere or do anything with your wedding, PLAN AHEAD!  Talk to people that have recently planned their weddings, find out what they know, what they want to share and what they wish they hadn't done!  Before meeting with each vendor, research them online and get to know what you want to ask before meeting.  Going in blindly will only cost you money and waste time during your meetings!  If you really want the best way to cover all your basis, start your plans with a Wedding Planner! 
WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Budget
Discuss and review your budget BEFORE you ever meet with any vendor.  If you only want to spend $100/table for each centerpiece, know that before you meet with you florist and share that with them.  This way you don't end up seeing centerpieces you don't want to splurge on and your florist knows the budget to work with.  It may seem simple but many people will go into a meeting with a vendor and tell them they don't know how much they should spend and leave it up to the vendor.  This is difficult for the vendor because they then have no idea how to plan and then they end up either disappointing the client or overwhelming them.