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2015 Photos Filled with Love!
At the end of each year, I have the great joy of getting photos from all of my client's weddings.  I LOVE this process, much more than I can explain.  I love reliving the day, seeing their joy and happiness over a successful and stress-free wedding!  The photographers are always able to snap photos of things, I didn't notice, or expressions I never saw and it just makes me so happy to witness it all over again.  With some of the best photographers, I can even feel all of the emotion that was there on their wedding day and I even find myself tearing up.  Posted below are some of my favorite photos from 2015.  I didn't pick these because they had the best lighting or the best angle, but because they conveyed the love that day, in a way that I saw it, through the planner's eyes!  

And those are the photos that I loved for 2015.  Hopefully you felt the love while scrolling through.  Can't wait for a new round of wonderful clients, amazing weddings and lots and lots of love in 2016!

Happy Planning!

Will Unplugging Really Solve the Problem?
Search the internet for the topic "Unplugged Wedding" and you'll find TONS of articles on how offended people are by guests taking photos at their wedding or in their way while while shooting photos at a wedding.  

Article by angry photographer showcasing guests rudely standing in the way of his photos 

Article by less angry photographer about the dos and don'ts of taking photos at weddings 

A Knot discussion on to ban or not to ban

An article on HOW to word the banning of phone photography at your wedding 

(Not a single phone to be seen!)

My feelings, as a planner, is that it isn't the phone photography that is the problem, it is the rude guest that is the problem.  There are always guests at the wedding who disregard etiquette and polite conduct.  This guests is the one who will show up late for the ceremony and walk right in the front door (usually in the middle of the ceremony) anyhow or the guest who will loudly complain when the bar closes for dinner (and demand someone get them a drink).  This person is the same person who most likely ignores polite conduct in day to day life as well.

I suggest we ban rude guests from the wedding, not photography.  We can ask that guests use some basic common sense at our weddings. We ask that they please regard this as a valued and important day to the two people who are joining their lives together.  We explain that the people at the wedding are considered the most important and cared for people in the bride and grooms lives and they should conduct themselves in such a fashion.  

Other suggestions would be that they stay quiet during the ceremony, that they stay present during the couples vows and that they pay attention to the day and what the bride & groom have asked of them.  

We ask that they show up on time, maybe even a few minutes early.  We ask that they sit where they have been escorted and take the programs, bubbles or rice without complaint.  We can ask that they not argue with the bartender over what liquors are/are not available at the bar.  We can ask that they enjoy the food and their chosen entree without expecting the staff to accommodate their change in mood/mind or taste in food (which somehow only applies to that evening).  We ask that they get up and show interest for the special moments of the evening, the cake cutting, the first dance and just a few others.  We can also ask that even if they don't like the favor, they take it at the end of the night, because someone picked it out in hopes that you would appreciate the thought.  

I don't think asking the guests to be unplugged is the answer.  There are so many times that my clients have been thrilled to see all the photos that their guests have taken of their big day.  The special view that someone was able to get, the secret look that another was able to catch and the fun interactions that your guests had together are all great things you'll miss when you insist on unplugging everyone. Even I'll follow the hashtag to see what is happening at the very wedding where I'm working.  I have the chance to see what guests are doing, what they are seeing and what they are thinking.  It's fun and these are unique photos that while they will never make it to your wedding album, will be photos that you cherish having.  

I think we need to expect more from our friends and family.  We should expect polite behavior, kindness and some common sense.  I don't think that's asking too much but I do think that's asking more from people than they are normally used to giving.  I'll start a hash tag for my weddings that would be as simple as #commonsensewedding or #myguestsdon'tsuck or #stopbeingsorudeatweddings (too long maybe?) 

What do you think?  What are your stories of your guests?  Was everyone amazing?  Was everyone involved?  Share with me, and let's start a trend of awesome weddings with equally awesome guests!

Happy Planning!

Brandi Hamerstone  
Secrets Behind Tenting- Scott Pickel, Everything Tented

I am SO excited to learn more about tenting and even more excited to learn from a pro.  Scott from Everything Tented was kind enough to do the interview on some behind the scenes information about tenting.  Tenting seems simple but in reality it can become one the most costly and complicated things involved in a wedding.  So, before you call on a company and ask them to throw up a tent in your backyard, read some of the details Scott had to offer.  

Q: What is the biggest misconception about your industry?
A: There are two.  First, most people look at tenting as strictly seasonal, but we put on some great events in the winter time.  Costs are higher, but can be just as comfortable and it so very cool to look out from inside the warm tent at a snowy landscape.
Second, we experience a good deal of customers who think that a tented reception at home is going to cost less than renting a hall.  One of the first things we try to do is educate the potential client of the cost difference.  Renting the hall at “X” and it comes with tables, chairs, dishes, basic glassware and maybe even basic linen vs. Renting the tent at “X” and then also having to rent everything else under it for “Y & Z”
Q: What are a few mistakes brides sometimes make when choosing their tent company?
A: Focusing more on price than quality and service is a big mistake that brides will make.  The lowest price tends to come with the lowest quality and service which is an unfortunate way to spend one of the most special days of your life.  A good deal of consumers view our product as a commodity.  There are subtle important differences even in the same exact tent product installed by two different companies.  I think that the most important thing that a bride can do is find someone that they like and trust.  It’s an important day and a big decision.  Get to know, like and trust your tent provider

Q: What things should a bride look for, look at, when selecting a tent?
A: Tent location is huge.  Flatness, how the site holds or drains water, overhead issues, ease for older guests to get to the site or obstacles within the site should be considered.  In most cases, a tent can go in the site, but the cost may be higher due to elevated flooring or alternative anchoring methods.

Q: What is the one thing a bride should splurge on when booking with you?
A: That’s a tough one… it depends on the event and the budget.  Things like going from a pole tent to a more costly frame tent can eliminate center poles and upgrade to trac-style sidewalls.  Adding a liner to a frame tent is a great thing to splurge on as well.  Depending on the way that a site holds water it could be adding a subfloor to protect guests.

Q: What is a story you have heard about mistakes made in your industry has made?
A: We don’t make mistakes in our industry…lol.  Well, I certainly wouldn't “air-out” a competitor here.  A common mistake that happens all around the country everyday is not properly anchoring a tent.  Especially with water barrels.  People don’t understand the real amount of water barrels needed to safely keep that tent from sliding around the parking lot.  It is typically 3-5 times the actual amount that are used. 
A mistake that I made a long time ago was talking a father of a bride out of paying for a subfloor because it was “too costly”.  The day of the event it rained so much that there was an inch of water under most of the tent.  Had a sold him the floor, the event would have been fine.  Now I make a point of quoting what a floor would cost and the fact that only about 10% of the time would you need it because it rained enough.  I let the client decide how to spend their money. AEP-(I have the utmost respect for vendors who admit mistakes, it does happen!!!!)

Q: If you had a client who had endless funds what unique ideas and products/services would you offer them?
A: Carpet instead of Astroturf, liner for the tent, clear cover dance floor over the pool.

Q: What are a few things that bridal clients should review in contracts with their tent company?
A: Special notes and disclaimers.  There are times that we’ll make notes that the client is responsible for marking the sprinkler system and so many times no one read it and we don’t have it marked once on-site for installation.  Also, if a company offers a “damage waiver” go through the scenarios that this would benefit you to have it.  In general it’s not good for the client and we don’t even offer it.

Q: What is something you wish all of your clients knew, or a certain thing you wish all of your clients would do to make working with them easier?
A: Site inspections are the best way to get the most accurate quote for your special event.  Over the phone pricing is hard and a waste of time typically for both of us.  We are trying to give you service for your dollar from the first phone call.  By being at the site and hearing your vision for this special event, I can find other/better ways that we can make your day a huge success!

Now that is some great information on tenting.  I've been planning events for 13 years and that was even insightful to me.  I hope you learned a little more about tents and now you know who to call for your wedding and event tenting needs!  Thanks Everything Tented for your time!
Happy Planning!

WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- End of Night
Have a game plan for the end of the night.  You aren't going to want to have to figure anything out as midnight rolls around on your wedding day so have someone that will.  Plan ahead of time where your gifts, cards, decorations and any other personal items (toasting glasses, serving utensils) are going to go.  If you don't have a planner to handle this, you'll have to designate someone responsible.  If you do this ahead of time, you'll be able to relax knowing everything is taken care of and nothing will end up lost.