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And now for the pictures- Running of the Brides
Thank you all for your patience, here are the pictures from my morning at Filene's.  Even the best pictures won't convey to anyone the excitement and fun of that morning.  You'll have to experience for yourself next year!  Thank you again to Dawn Bebout Photography for the incredible photos!

Everyone even got out, in the pitch black of the morning to do some "group dancing."  Thanks again to Billy J DJ, they did such a great job getting everyone moving.  



I think that about sums it all up.  Congrats to all of the brides and their wonderful friends for their dress success.  Call or email me now to reserve me as your "Running of the Brides" assistant for next year!

Be sure to check out Dawn Bebouts blog for more photos of the fun.

Running of the Brides
I had the pleasure this morning of joining Dawn Bebout of Dawn Bebout Photography at 6am to witness and partake in the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement.

There were brides who had driven from all over the United States to get to Filene's and yes, there were even brides who had camped out overnight, in the freezing cold weather and rain, to get a front spot in line. Billy J DJ Service was there bright and early to get the girls moving, and they did a great job.

Teams of up to 10 or more people were waiting in line with the bride, ready to grab every dress they saw as soon as the doors opened.  There were special colored hats, shirts, scarves and even entire outfits so that the girls could keep track of each other.  I had the chance to talk to brides from all over about their wedding dates, wedding details and dream dress. (P.S.- September is going to be a BIG wedding month)

We were given "special" badges from Filene's so we were even able to get inside and check out the store early and then get started with the girls as they came running, yes running, in.  There are some amazing pictures that will be posted shortly.

When the girls and their "teams" got in it was a mad rush to grab as many dresses as they could get and get started.  The dresses are in NO order whatsoever and there are strapless, pink, cream, ruffled, glitter, beaded and silk gowns galore.  Everyone searched to "trade" for different styles and sizes but when someone found one they LOVED, they weren't letting it go.  There was even a bride who didn't LOVE the dress she had on but refused to take it off, just in case she couldn't find anything else.

The brides and their friends used the event to do something really "fun" and unique with their friends and families before the big wedding day.  If you ended up finding the perfect dress at a great price (Average Sale Cost- $250), that was probably amazing as well.  It is another great memory to add to the long list of memories you make during the wedding planning and preparing process.

Look back soon for pictures!