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Secrets Behind- Videography by red Bicycle Media
One of the most underutilized vendors in the wedding industry is the videographer.  Somehow the perception is that you'll end up with a grainy, 3 hour long video of every single minute of your wedding day, that you'll never watch again and that no one will want to see in the future.  That might have been the case before (a special thanks to America's Funniest Home Videos for proof of how bad wedding videos can be) but that is not the case now.  Videographers offer amazing work and artistic, funny, fun and even journalistic styles of videos.  After seeing some of the work of the videographers in the industry, I wish I would have hired one to capture my day.  

So, of course the following interview is with, yes, a videographer.  I've had the honor of talking with a few people at this company and their vision, their work and their dedication is definitely something to be impressed by, but if you don't believe me, you can just check out their site.

And now I present you with- Secrets Behind- Videography by

Q:What is the biggest misconception about your industry?    

A: In our particular branch of videography, which is cinematography, people may think that creativity is "dead" and that all we do is "record" the event.
Q: What are a few mistakes brides sometimes make when choosing their videographer?
A: Brides may falter in their choice because of financial constraints and go for the company that charges less and produces a "recording" of the most important day of her life.                                                                                                                                       Brides spend more on other elements of her wedding such as a $2000 cake and fail to see that her wedding film will last for generations.                                                          

Brides need to find vendors who are willing to work with her in terms of payment plans, especially in these trying times.
Q: What things should a bride look for, look at, when selecting a videographer?
A: She needs to look for clear verbiage and accurate description of their work and examples of their work.
Q: What is the one thing a bride should save on when booking with you?
A: Their savings will be in getting more quality work than what they will actually be paying for.
Q: What is the one thing a bride should splurge on when booking with you?
A: Booking our company will actually be splurging, she will appreciate all the face time she will get with us in our effort to get to know the bride and groom and what is important to them and their story.
Q: What is the worst mistake a person in your industry can make?
A: Professionals should never get into disagreements with the client or members of the wedding party, this is often a product of miscommunication .  This is where clear verbiage is essential both on what is expected of the client/bride and the vendor.                      
Q: If you had a client who had endless funds what unique ideas and products/services would you offer them?
We have been in beautiful locations abroad and if funds are not a factor for the client, destination weddings are always fun.  
Q: What are a few things that bridal clients should review in contracts with their videographer?
A: Again, clear verbiage of what is expected from both parties before , during, and after the event.
Q: What is something you wish all of your clients knew, or a certain thing you wish all of your clients would do to make working with them easier?
A: Be themselves.  They have to know that their love for each other is what led them to this special occasion.  They should remember that they have special traits and qualities that their partner sees in them and knowing this should encourage them to be themselves and enjoy their special day.  That is what we will be there to capture, and that is why we take on fewer events so that we are able to spend a lot of time getting to know them and focus on the process of weaving together their unique love story.  

And with that, we now know a little more about what to expect when booking a videographer, so maybe it is something you can feel confident and comfortable looking into for your wedding.  As they said, this video can last for generations to come and if done well, will be something everyone, through each generation will cherish. 

Do you know of any good videographers?  Anyone have any feedback on their experience with a videographer?  This is definitely a subject that I'd like to continue posting about, since I'm very interested in seeing more videographer work done with the weddings I am working on.  All that work and money dedicated to the special day, why not always have the video for memories.

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