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A Trainer for your Wedding Day-

The #1 thing that I hear about, outside of the obvious plans for the big day, are the size and shape the bride wants to be for her big day.  
Once the dress has been ordered there is a rush to squeeze out as many pounds as possible to be the "perfect size" for the day and for the dress.  

I know that working out and dieting are big on the list but the first thing I would say is that dieting should be immediately removed.  The last thing you want to do during a stressful time in your life is eliminate foods, cut back on needed calories or shock your body by drastically changing what it is used to.  If you need to do anything, cut back on the amount of the food that you eat but don't try to do a major overhaul, at least not now.

The other thing I would recommend is to get yourself a trainer.  I know, I know you are probably thinking that the last thing you need is another expense but trust me when I tell you that this one will change your life.

I workout with a trainer two times a week and the changes I've seen have been dramatic.  I have worked out my whole life, from running, weight lifting, aerobics, yoga and beyond but once I started with a trainer I felt like I was just entering the world of fitness.  

Here are a few reasons you should consider a trainer too-
1- You have someone to track your progress.  You may not notice the changes, but your trainer will and they will be able to adjust accordingly.  They will notice the changes in body, ability and focus and it is good for someone to be able to point that out to you.

2- You have someone to push you.  The trainer will know what your body can do and can safely push you to your max.  Injury is the LAST thing you want before your wedding so having a skilled professional coaching you is worth every penny to avoid spraining or tearing anything.  They can also make sure that you don't keep lifting those 10lb weights when they know your body can handle picking up those 20lbs.  

3- You have someone to personalize.  You can hop on the elliptical every single day for the nine months before your wedding but your results won't be exactly what your body could provide.  With a trainer they are able to pinpoint weak points, strong points and adjust accordingly.  This plan will change up your body and what it is used to enough that you will notice REAL results.  

4- They hold you accountable.  This is HUGE as you are going to have 101 excuses to not workout during this time.  I'm not implying that you NEED to lose weight but what I am saying is that staying fit and healthy during this stressful time will allow you to stress less, sleep more, feel better and keep you strong and feeling good throughout. 

Don't take my word for it, plenty of trainers offer wedding packages or even first time visits for free.  Call one up and see what you think.  You may not love the first one you meet so don't get frustrated, just keep trying.  Look for friends and family that look great and are in shape, ask them what they do or who they work out with and if you are already working out at a gym, stop by the front desk and ask if they offer recommendations.  

Or you can contact my personal trainer directly and receive 10% off sessions.  Obviously, I think the world of her or else I wouldn't be able to feel this type of dedication to the concept of a trainer but you'll have to see for yourself!  
Erika Kohler at Results Personal Training 

Aron & Erika also happen to be past All Events Planned clients-

Happy Planning!