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What does a "Day Of" Do?
I will follow up on this subject matter throughout the course of the blog, but I thought these were some good perspectives from, all of vendors, photographers! 

Ask the Experts: What Does a Day of Coordinator Coordinate?

by Marta
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Dear Ask the Experts,
I see a lot of articles suggesting that I get a Day of Coordinator. But, I’m a little confused about what exactly a Day of Coordinator does. What does she coordinate? I’d love to hear from some caterers/florists/photographers/musicians if they prefer it if a bride has a day of coordinator.
Possibly Uncoordianted
Mark at VideoMagic Productions says:
Strangely enough, one of the first questions I ask my prospects when meeting with them (even before they reserve our services) is who they hired as their coordinator. Too often the response is "nobody", and I highly encourage them to consider hiring a "Day of Coordinator". The reason for this is simple. You are planning the biggest event of your entire lives and (probably) not only with no experience, but without the ability to ensure things run smoothly. When you host a party at your house, I don't imagine you mingle around like a guest. Typically a host will make sure drinks are filled, food trays don't go empty, things are organized and much more. Thus, although your wedding is different than a house party, it is MUCH bigger in scale. You want the comfort and knowledge that someone is with you throughout the entire day to ensure things run smoothly, particularly if things deviate from the original plan…and believe me, most weddings encounter issues that need to be handled. Good luck in your planning!
Rebecca Enslein of the Studio B Photography:
First off, I think the name “Day of Coordinator” is a misnomer of sorts. For anyone to have an idea of what is going on the day of your wedding, they need to be involved in the plans before that day so everything can run smoothly. They typically spend about 10-20 hours before the wedding day getting all the necessary information together like getting in touch with the other vendors, visiting the venue, and speaking with you about your vision for the day. The day of coordinator is basically there to make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing when your wedding day rolls around. There are so many behind the scene things that have to happen to prepare for a wedding like accepting delivery of the cake, setting up all the chairs for the ceremony, setting the tables for the reception, helping the florist with decorations, etc. that if you had to do them on your own, you’d never have the time to get ready!
As a photographer, I LOVE to work with brides who have coordinators. We both like to keep things running on schedule, and when the bride isn’t stressed about all the tiny details, she’s able to be much more relaxed and that makes for better pictures. If you are getting married somewhere that has a person that acts like a coordinator (for example, country clubs usually have very helpful and able staff in this department) you might not have to hire an outside person to handle things. However, if you are getting married in a park or another location that doesn’t traditionally do weddings, you’re better off hiring a coordinator to make sure everything goes according to plan.
About the Experts:
Mark Salloum is the owner of VideoMagic Productions based in Canton, MIchigan. He has traveled the country producing weddings for nearly 2 decades while earning countless awards for the quality and creativity of his cutting-edge wedding movies.
Rebecca is the owner of The Studio B Photography in the Atlanta, Georgia area. As a recent bride herself, Rebecca is able to better understand what her clients need and enjoys providing them with images that capture the joy of their wedding day. Wedding Expert (again)
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