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WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Timelines
Don't hesitate to give your wedding party a timeline.  Even if you don't work with a Wedding Planner, you should create a timeline for the day and give that to the people involved.  Email everyone about a week before your wedding, not too soon or they will forget about it and not too late or else they won't have had time to review the details.  This way your wedding party will know what you expect for your wedding day and where they are expected to be.  This will definitely alleviate some stress on your part and will make the day easier for everyone!   
Feedback from Posting
One of my favorite post and to date, one of the most popular post that I've done "You don't want to hire me?" has generated some of the best feedback I've had.  One of the latest comments was from a bride who is planning her wedding and it really captures the very reason I wrote the post and I thought it would be fun to share that.

Lynn has left a new comment on your post "You Don't Want to Hire Me?!?":
"As a bride-to-be who googled "How do I tell a wedding planner I don't want them" this post was very helpful.
You'll be glad to know that I emailed all the people I contacted (even the ones with whom I only exchanged one email) and let them know that I "clicked" with someone else. They were all very professional and responded with a "Thanks for letting me know".
As a bride, this post was very helpful because those emails were hard! It was a little bit like breaking up with someone. It's nice to know that they are appreciated on the other end."

I was so happy that a bride really "got it" and understood where I was coming from.  It isn't about making anyone uncomfortable but it was more the let client's know that your business/feedback do matter to the vendor, whether you book them or not.

Thank you Lynn for being an AWESOME bride!!!

Happy Planning,
Free Wedding Assistance

Yes, you did read the title correctly! 
Basic information on wedding planning,
referrals or even just tips and ideas are always FREE
Yes, free.  Email me, call me or just leave a comment and I'm happy to help.  Free vendor referral is always good for me since it allows me to give business to the great people I know in the wedding industry.

If you decide that I'm not perfect wedding planner for you I will always be happy to refer you to another planner that might be more to your liking or more in your price range. Yes, I'll even do that.  (It is better to have helped someone find a great planner than it is to find out someone's wedding day was ruined by a bad one)

Don't hesitate to give me a chance to assist you, for free!
New Wedding Magazine
As a few classic wedding magazines close down shop, a brand new magazine has opened its doors to the wedding industry!

making wedding planning a piece of cake 

I've handed an issue of this magazine out to 15 brides over the last month and the feedback has been exactly the same, "love it"!  I take an issue to a consultation appointment and hand it to them when we sit down, before we are half way through our meeting we are both checking out the magazine and pointing out ideas and colors for their reception.

The magazine is fun, fresh and "bride" focused.  They offer great ideas and tips and all of them in a (gasp) reasonable price range for any bride.  The best part of the magazine is that you aren't bombarded with 100's of ads, page after page.  This is a very clean layout that I think everyone will really enjoy.
Check it out, you will not be disappointed that you did!

You can look for it is your local stores & shops soon!!