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WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Timelines
Don't hesitate to give your wedding party a timeline.  Even if you don't work with a Wedding Planner, you should create a timeline for the day and give that to the people involved.  Email everyone about a week before your wedding, not too soon or they will forget about it and not too late or else they won't have had time to review the details.  This way your wedding party will know what you expect for your wedding day and where they are expected to be.  This will definitely alleviate some stress on your part and will make the day easier for everyone!   
WWW or Wedding Wisdom Wednesday
One new feature to the blog will be WWW or Wedding Wisdom Wednesday.  Each Wednesday we will feature a bit of Wedding Wisdom.  This piece of advice will be from either brides, vendors or guests and will be listed as something to help make your wedding easier and your guests happier.

Today's Wedding Wisdom is-
Always inform your friends and family that you are hiring a Wedding Planner.  Make sure you let your bridal party know as well.  Explain to them what you are hiring the Planner for and what she/he will be doing and in charge of at your wedding.  This will allow for your Planner to step into your wedding party and be included and listened to, and more importantly, respected as an important part of your day.  When your closest friends and family come together they may not be welcoming or accepting of a "stranger" telling them what to do and where to go. If you give them advanced notice and explain how important your planner is, they will more than likely be just as happy to have her there as you are!  

Happy Planning!