Wedding Website

There are 100's, no 100,000's of choices when it comes to website design. I have to be able to communicate my style, my ideas, my personality, my professionalism, my experience...well, everything in 1 page. The colors have to be right, the photos, the text, I mean I think I could spend the next 10 years working on this and still not be sure I'm getting 100% of "me" on the site.

I want people to click on my site and just "know" they want to work with me.

I want them to know that I'm fun to work with, I'm great at what I do, I'm easy to communicate with, I'm happy to be assertive, when necessary, I love working with people and about oh, 100 other things. What color says that? What font type expresses my feelings best?

I don't know that I'll ever get it totally right but thankfully I am working with an amazing designer so I know I'll get it pretty close.

I've been researching websites, I'd say I've looked at about 50 in the past 2 days. One thing is for sure, you can REALLY mess up a website, enough that even I, as a nosy planner, won't wait for your page to load to find out your info. Nor do I need to see your photo unless you are 100% sure you come across as the neatest, friendliest and happiest person in the world. I've seen a few photos that say the exact opposite. In this day and age of web use, you'd think people would invest almost everything into making their site the best, but they don't.

I'd love to post a few that I've found that are just out and out terrible but I'd hate to offend someone by doing that but if you do a few searches yourself, you'll know right away what I mean. There are GREAT sites, there are GOOD sites and there are HORRIBLE sites. I just hope I get somewhere in between GOOD and GREAT, I think I'll try to come closer to GREAT though!