Registration of the Name

And, officially the name of the company will be....

All Events Planned.

While I loved the idea of using my name in the company, I just felt like it was too long. My previous company was A Planned Event, which I wanted but it was taken already. (I had my company almost 5 years ago, so I didn't think the name would actually be available still) I didn't want anything too corny since I didn't want to sound too much like every other company starting up. My biggest fear is coming across as just another one of those companies started by someone who watched "The Wedding Planner" too many times. I have the experience and for the record, I hated that movie.

We've registered the webname and we are dropping off the documents in the mail to register the company as a LLC. That would be the start of it. A few minor expenses up front to make me realize this is for real, but nothing too bad.

After almost 10 years of planning events, weddings, parties, corporate meetings, retreats, reunions, ceremonies and any other event that someone would want a planner for, I am ready to do this on my own and to be in charge of what I represent. This is a great opportunity for me at a grea time in my life and I'm so excited to know that I'll have something pretty amazing to teach my daughter.

I've had so many suggestions, ideas, emails and calls from people who want to help, have advice or know of someone who knows a thing or two about having a successful event planning company. That is definitely a really motivating factor, knowing so many people who have worked with me and/or know me, really believe in me.

Now, we are on to design the website, we've got some GREAT ideas. Get a good concept on the company, start marketing and get some materials printed. I'll keep you up to date on all of it and when all else fails at least I'll have documented how to start a business this time.