Buttons & Rain

I had a fantastic wedding this weekend, fantastic bride, even fantastic MOB (although I seem to be getting quite a few of those lately). I went into this wedding thinking that I had very little to confirm, because the bride had done such a detailed job of planning with me, that we had covered every single thing, that could possibly be covered prior to a wedding reception. It is always that time, when you are most relaxed that those sneaky wedding mishaps surprise you.

The wedding started to severe thunderstorms. It was an outdoor ceremony but fortunately the back up option that was available was absolutely amazing. The rain was bad enough that the umbrellas that I had, weren't even staying down, or helping in the least bit. Thankfully, I had umbrellas!

The father of the bride was about as nervous as I've seen them and low and behold, as I pray that nothing goes wrong for him, his suit buttons just POP off. Yes, really, they just popped off. He comes to me, with 2 buttons in his hands and ask me what I'm going to do. Well, I've got a sewing kit, so I sew them back on, just in time for his photo shoot with the family to start. Then, the brother of the bride shows up with buttons in his hands as well. Unfortunately, this is about 10 minutes before the ceremony and I have NO time to sew. I do, however, have safety pins, so after a few attempts, I manage to pin them in SO secretly that no one will ever notice they are there. YAY.

There were several more minor mishaps, but those were the ones that I could easily point out without complicated detail. I handled each situation, with no problem and without the bride having to ever sweat one minute of it.

I think it just goes to show you that no matter how much you plan, something WILL happen and if I'm not there to help, you had better have SOMEONE that has readily available sewing kits, safety pins and umbrellas and then hope nothing else goes wrong...or you could just hire a planner and save yourself the worry.