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The Secrets behind Vendor Selection (that no one talks about)
After, what I would consider, a substantial amount of time in the industry, I think I have some advice on vendor selection that may be helpful to brides.  This may or may not be information that you would have previously considered or even thought about.  While I am not trying to say that it is typical of vendors to be untruthful about their abilities, in the day and age of "anyone can be anything with a good website", you need to be more careful.

1- ASSOCIATIONS: If your vendor belongs to an association, that is wonderful!  First thing you need to do is find out what it takes to become a Member of the association, in order to understand how "wonderful" that really makes your vendor.  Some associations just require a payment.  Yes, that is it.  Your DJ can be "certified by the "Amazing Wonderful Awesome DJ Association of America", and all he had to do was pay them $100.  While other associations have a lengthy review process and even referral requirements.  Find out which one your vendor participates in.

2- REFERRALS: Another thing that usually helps with choosing a vendor is referrals.  Some vendors just have "quotes" on their website, while others will offer you the numbers of several clients to contact.  Keep in mind, NO ONE, is going to give you the phone number to an unhappy client.  You'll need to know what matters most to you before you call, so that you have specific questions for the client.  "Were they on time?"  "How long did setup take?"  "How do you know the vendor or how did you find the vendor?"  "What type of attire did they wear?"  Sometimes even a simple "When did you last work with the vendor?" may bring up surprising information, such as "Eight years ago" and in that case, you might want to find someone who can offer useful, up to date, referrals. 

3- PHOTOGRAPHY: I am not referring to photographers.  I am referring to the photos that some vendors use on their site that have been provided by photographers.  A florist can do "okay" designs but when working with an "amazing" photographer, those designs/centerpieces/arrangements come out looking spectacular.  I'll be kicked out of the Wedding Planner Club for this one, but even some wedding planners can provide pictures of events that they worked, but that doesn't mean what you see has anything to do with what they did, sometimes they didn't even coordinate the vendors OR their work.  A Wedding Planner can work with great vendors to create a great day, that you CAN tell from a photo.  A Wedding Planner may not be able to create the design, color, creativity, layout and themes that you see, that you CAN'T tell from a photo.  Sometimes, if you are inclined, it is okay to ask Planners what part they had in the design of certain photos.  Don't count on your Planner to be able to create 6-story high centerpieces OR to even be able to setup place cards JUST because they show photos of those things.

I know, I know no one wants to hear this awful truth but it must be told.  I have researched many "Wedding Planner" sites and some of them, after investing time and energy to review, are nothing more than someone who has seen Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, one too many times.  You can't tell JUST from someone's website, so do your research.  Don't be fooled by the pretty pictures and the "I love you" quotes from clients.

I'll continue to expose the secrets of vendor selections (that no one wants to talk about) as the months go on, eventually you'll be able to sift through the Flash Sites and fancy blogs and find what matters!
Buttons & Rain
I had a fantastic wedding this weekend, fantastic bride, even fantastic MOB (although I seem to be getting quite a few of those lately). I went into this wedding thinking that I had very little to confirm, because the bride had done such a detailed job of planning with me, that we had covered every single thing, that could possibly be covered prior to a wedding reception. It is always that time, when you are most relaxed that those sneaky wedding mishaps surprise you.

The wedding started to severe thunderstorms. It was an outdoor ceremony but fortunately the back up option that was available was absolutely amazing. The rain was bad enough that the umbrellas that I had, weren't even staying down, or helping in the least bit. Thankfully, I had umbrellas!

The father of the bride was about as nervous as I've seen them and low and behold, as I pray that nothing goes wrong for him, his suit buttons just POP off. Yes, really, they just popped off. He comes to me, with 2 buttons in his hands and ask me what I'm going to do. Well, I've got a sewing kit, so I sew them back on, just in time for his photo shoot with the family to start. Then, the brother of the bride shows up with buttons in his hands as well. Unfortunately, this is about 10 minutes before the ceremony and I have NO time to sew. I do, however, have safety pins, so after a few attempts, I manage to pin them in SO secretly that no one will ever notice they are there. YAY.

There were several more minor mishaps, but those were the ones that I could easily point out without complicated detail. I handled each situation, with no problem and without the bride having to ever sweat one minute of it.

I think it just goes to show you that no matter how much you plan, something WILL happen and if I'm not there to help, you had better have SOMEONE that has readily available sewing kits, safety pins and umbrellas and then hope nothing else goes wrong...or you could just hire a planner and save yourself the worry.
Company Name
Well, this is my first attempt at a blog. I've always thought that I have a TON of useful things to say but never found the time to actually type them out.

In the interest of starting my own business, I thought the best place to start would be, where else, a blog.

I have been an Event Coordinator, Planner, Consultant for almost 10 years now. I did have my own company, years ago, and then went back to working for catering companies and hotels. (i.e. other people)

Now, I'm ready to be a business owner again.

I'll get into more detail about me, my business, my life and events as we go along but our first task is to pick a business name. I've gotten SO many great ideas from SO many of my friends. I'm amazed at how creative people are! I'm going to list a few and if you could, pick, vote, suggest and feedback on any or all of them, it would be greatly appreciated!

Ideas to remember-
1-It is best to be able to get your website followed by .com, so that availablitly has to be there
2-It is best for your target market to KNOW what you do by your name
3-It is best to have your business name start with the letter "A" so that you are always listed first

Brandi Hamerstone Event Management
Brandi Hamerstone Event Planning
Hamerstone Event Planning
(the theme in all of this is to incorporate my name, to make it a household name, thank you to Sue for that concept as I find it VERY appealing. Although I find Hamerstone to sound a big harsh for Wedding planning)

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