Secrets Behind a DJ/Entertainment Service

The "Secrets Behind" series has been a huge success and I have really enjoyed learning new things from different vendors.  Certainly a vendor that everyone has looked into at some point, is the DJ.  The stereotype has long passed, hopefully, but I will still say that there are some stragglers holding strong to the DJ image.  I'm grateful to have an interview from someone who has never had the stereotype and has been around long enough to have proven how good a DJ Service really can be. 
Without further delay I present:
Secrets Behind DJ Service by Rich Siebert of Beach Boyz Entertainment

Q: What is the biggest misconception about your industry? 
A: That all DJs are cheesy, they play music too loud and that all we do is just press play on an
i pod or CD player.

Q: What are a few mistakes brides make when choosing a DJ? 
A: They only worry about their music interest, forgetting about the 150 other guests attending the reception. Also many brides don’t dance & that’s big no-no.  Guest take the lead of the bride and groom and if they dance their guests will too but if they don't, well then you'll end up with an empty dance floor. 

Q: What things should a bride look for when hiring a DJ? 
A: First and foremost look for professionalism. Look for a DJ who will give the bride and groom exactly what they want, not what the DJ thinks is best.  Find a DJ who is not going to try to steal the show and who knows who’s day it ultimately is!  

Q: What is the one thing a bride should splurge on when booking with you? 
A: Lighting has come a long way and uplighting that can transorm any room into a glowing room with style or a monogram light with the brides initials or names projected on the dancefloor.

Q: What is one of the worst things that can happen when booking a DJ?  
A: I hear it all the time, the DJ overbooked and cannot do the wedding.  This not only causes the bride and groom undo panic, it is totally irresponsible of the DJ service.

Q: What is the worst mistake a DJ can make? 
A: Not properly training their DJs.  Weddings are the hardest events to DJ and while it is the DJs job to juggle the bride and grooms requests along with their guests, they need to make sure the timing is flawless and that everyone is fully entertained while communicating with bride, groom and parents so everyone is on the same page.  Several DJ services don’t properly train their DJ and this greatly effects the reception.  Proper training with scripts, troubleshooting, music knowledge, and overall flow of a wedding reception are crucial elements any DJ should be well aware of.

Q: If a client had endless funds what unique idea/service or products would you offer them? 
A: I would offer them a LED dance floor for their first dance.    This floor like the one at the Union Club in Downtown Cleveland is amazing and as soon as it’s turned on, all the guests gasp in amazement.  Every hall needs one of these.

Q: What is the one thing bridal clients should Review in contracts with their DJ? 
A: What the DJ is wearing, setup time, extra fees for overtime, really there are an endless amount of details to cover in a contract with your DJ.

Q: What is the one thing you wish all of your clients knew when working with you?
A: I wish all my clients knew how important the DJ is to the success of the wedding.  Several brides and grooms will spend more money on a cheese and veggie tray than they will on entertainment for their entire event.  While food is important, dinner only lasts about an hour.  Your entertainment can lasts for about 5 hours, so you should have wonderful music and a DJ who handles all the details.  That way everyone leaves the reception hall saying “That was one of the best receptions I’ve ever been to!"  That is priceless!  I would also wish that brides would consider this:  your choice of entertainer is an insurance policy against bad memories of a disappointing occasion. (that you will remember for a lifetime)

Thank you again to Rich Siebert of Beach Boyz Entertainment.  Check out their website here.

I hope that my readers are starting to understand that while some aspects of a wedding don't seem to be fun and glamorous to plan, all aspects are important to the success of your wedding day.  Having a planner who knows that and respects vendors for their services is crucial to a wonderful wedding day.  Even without a planner, remember that if even the smallest detail goes wrong, it will be the one detail you will always remember. 

Look forward to more in the secrets series in 2010 and of course, contact your favorite vendor so they can be featured on the series. 

Happy Planning!