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You Don't Want to Hire Me?!?
This post is strictly for the Brides that read my blog, although it can really be applied to any situation where you have meetings with several vendors before deciding on the right one.

Here is the scenario-
We've met, had our initial consultation (which is free) and we reviewed my experience, my skills, my pricing and most importantly, the details of your wedding.  I enjoyed our time together and as I leave, you agree that you enjoyed our meeting and will get back to me as soon as possible to let me know about your decision.  
Then a few days go by so I email you to check in and see how things are coming along.  Nothing.
Then about a week or so goes by and I email/call you to check in and see how things are coming along.
Then a few weeks, and of course, the sales person in me, won't let me just give up so I email/call again and..well, ya, you know

Of course by this time, I should "take a hint" but at the same time, I'm going to want to follow up, just in case you got busy.  I also don't want my lack of follow up to be interpreted as a sign of laziness or bad follow through.  (I'm super critical of myself in business situations, so I worry about everything) 
What happened? 

Well, truthfully, I know what happened, but I would rather hear it from you.  I know that you met with another planner and that you two just "clicked" right off the bat.  I know that because I've been the planner who meets with someone and gets a contract on the spot, when we "click."  

The biggest favor I have, and I'm really begging all of you, is to let me know that.  Tell me what you liked and didn't like about our appointment and why you decided to go with someone else.  You won't hurt my feelings and nothing is better than some constructive critisism from someone who you DIDN'T "click" with.  
You don't have to do it over the phone if you aren't comfortable, just send me an email.  Just say something, even if you don't want to spend the time detailing it out.  Most of the time, when I walk out of our meeting, I know if you are going to book with me or not, so I won't be too surprised about not getting the deal.  However, I will be happy, after spending an hour or so with you, to get some feedback on our meeting.  If you are willing to sit down and share intimate details about your wedding plans, family and friends shouldn't you at least be willing to share some feedback with me on our meeting?  

That's my favor to all you brides out there and I am certain that any planner you meet with will agree that they would love to know why you chose someone else.  How else will we all get any better if we never know what we are doing wrong?  

Thanks in advance, I'm going to go ahead and email you now to follow up.  This time, email me back!  

Happy Planning!
Secrets Behind a DJ/Entertainment Service
The "Secrets Behind" series has been a huge success and I have really enjoyed learning new things from different vendors.  Certainly a vendor that everyone has looked into at some point, is the DJ.  The stereotype has long passed, hopefully, but I will still say that there are some stragglers holding strong to the DJ image.  I'm grateful to have an interview from someone who has never had the stereotype and has been around long enough to have proven how good a DJ Service really can be. 
Without further delay I present:
Secrets Behind DJ Service by Rich Siebert of Beach Boyz Entertainment

Q: What is the biggest misconception about your industry? 
A: That all DJs are cheesy, they play music too loud and that all we do is just press play on an
i pod or CD player.

Q: What are a few mistakes brides make when choosing a DJ? 
A: They only worry about their music interest, forgetting about the 150 other guests attending the reception. Also many brides don’t dance & that’s big no-no.  Guest take the lead of the bride and groom and if they dance their guests will too but if they don't, well then you'll end up with an empty dance floor. 

Q: What things should a bride look for when hiring a DJ? 
A: First and foremost look for professionalism. Look for a DJ who will give the bride and groom exactly what they want, not what the DJ thinks is best.  Find a DJ who is not going to try to steal the show and who knows who’s day it ultimately is!  

Q: What is the one thing a bride should splurge on when booking with you? 
A: Lighting has come a long way and uplighting that can transorm any room into a glowing room with style or a monogram light with the brides initials or names projected on the dancefloor.

Q: What is one of the worst things that can happen when booking a DJ?  
A: I hear it all the time, the DJ overbooked and cannot do the wedding.  This not only causes the bride and groom undo panic, it is totally irresponsible of the DJ service.

Q: What is the worst mistake a DJ can make? 
A: Not properly training their DJs.  Weddings are the hardest events to DJ and while it is the DJs job to juggle the bride and grooms requests along with their guests, they need to make sure the timing is flawless and that everyone is fully entertained while communicating with bride, groom and parents so everyone is on the same page.  Several DJ services don’t properly train their DJ and this greatly effects the reception.  Proper training with scripts, troubleshooting, music knowledge, and overall flow of a wedding reception are crucial elements any DJ should be well aware of.

Q: If a client had endless funds what unique idea/service or products would you offer them? 
A: I would offer them a LED dance floor for their first dance.    This floor like the one at the Union Club in Downtown Cleveland is amazing and as soon as it’s turned on, all the guests gasp in amazement.  Every hall needs one of these.

Q: What is the one thing bridal clients should Review in contracts with their DJ? 
A: What the DJ is wearing, setup time, extra fees for overtime, really there are an endless amount of details to cover in a contract with your DJ.

Q: What is the one thing you wish all of your clients knew when working with you?
A: I wish all my clients knew how important the DJ is to the success of the wedding.  Several brides and grooms will spend more money on a cheese and veggie tray than they will on entertainment for their entire event.  While food is important, dinner only lasts about an hour.  Your entertainment can lasts for about 5 hours, so you should have wonderful music and a DJ who handles all the details.  That way everyone leaves the reception hall saying “That was one of the best receptions I’ve ever been to!"  That is priceless!  I would also wish that brides would consider this:  your choice of entertainer is an insurance policy against bad memories of a disappointing occasion. (that you will remember for a lifetime)

Thank you again to Rich Siebert of Beach Boyz Entertainment.  Check out their website here.

I hope that my readers are starting to understand that while some aspects of a wedding don't seem to be fun and glamorous to plan, all aspects are important to the success of your wedding day.  Having a planner who knows that and respects vendors for their services is crucial to a wonderful wedding day.  Even without a planner, remember that if even the smallest detail goes wrong, it will be the one detail you will always remember. 

Look forward to more in the secrets series in 2010 and of course, contact your favorite vendor so they can be featured on the series. 

Happy Planning!
Just Turn on the Lights!
I can say, in all honesty, nothing is worse (not even a screaming bride) than staff on-site that do not enjoy working with a wedding coordinator.  Since I came from a background of event planning and do know more aspects than that of just a coordinator (banquets, service staff, management, bartender) I understand their thought process from time to time, but when they make my job difficult, that's when I no longer understand where they are coming from.  
My experience has been that if you go in and help with things, as opposed to demand things, you will always have a better experience for yourself and for the bride.  I have the utmost respect for every single person that works at an event site because even without just one of them, things would go off as well as they should.  Now, with all that being said here is my conversation with an "angry bartender" last evening, that actually gave me a chuckle.
BACKGROUND- Site is beautiful and is decorated (of course) in a Christmas theme with red, golds, ivory and even a little silver.  There are twinkle lights in very strategic places so that the room is evenly and perfectly lit.  However, the bar lights don't seem to be working, so I approach the bartender.
ME- "Is there anyway we can get the lights on before guests start arriving?  I want everything to be ready to go so I can show the bride the room."
BAR- "What lights?" "Oh, these lights around the bar, ya, they don't work" (he walks away)
ME- (when he returns) "Hi, okay, well if those lights don't work, I have LOTS of extra lights I brought just in case, so I'd be happy to set those up in the garland around the bar, I'll even just leave them here so you can have working lights."
BAR- "Okay, no, I just said they don't work." (walks away again)
ME- (now following him) "Well, I have lights that DO work, so I can put them up, you don't have to help or anything, I'll just get them situated myself, just show me the plug."
BAR- (now back at the bar) "Listen, the lights don't work, there is no plug back here for the lights."
ME- (pointing to the lights attached to the extension cord) "Well, here is the extension cord, that should help, right?  If it isn't long enough, I've brought extra extension cords."
BAR- (visibly annoyed) "Okay, I already told you, they don't work, there isn't anywhere for me to plug them in back here."
ME- (smiling, BIG smile) "Well, why is there an extension cord connected to them, if they can't be plugged in, in the first place." 
BAR- (putting closed sign on bar and leaving the bar) "I don't know but I told you they don't work."
WOW, all that time, that whole conversation and he could have just plugged them in for me, but no, it goes on.  Of course, at this point, I'm certainly not allowing this attitude to be acceptable, I hadn't done anything to this man and my job is to make everything perfect for the bride, I can't have anyone get in the way of that.
I approach Banquet Manager to discuss.
ME- "Hi, I know we've talked and everything is great, I just need the bar lit up, everything is light strategically and without those lit, the room doesn't look right."
BANQUET- (rolling her eyes) "Oh yes, I can see it doesn't look right, just let the bartender know."
ME- (totally understanding her eye roll) "I know, I know, I'm being a pain but my job is to make everything exactly as the bride request, so I have to get these lit."
BANQUET- (feeling badly for eye roll) "No, you are fine, you certainly aren't as bad as most of the planners we get in here."  "I'll talk to the bartender for you."
ME- (thankful but still annoyed ALL this had to happen to get lights on a bar turned on) "Thank you SO much, you know I wouldn't be worth what they pay me, if I couldn't manage to get the bar twinkle lights turned on."
At this point the Banquet Manager and Bartender discuss the lighting situation and then the Banquet Manager leaves and comes back with the Utility Manager who goes behind the bar and, yes, plugs in the lights.
I am not posting this to focus on people sometimes having a poor attitude.  My job isn't to worry about anything like that, it is only to make things go well for the bride.  My point is to show, those of you who don't believe in coordinators, how some of the most mundane, ridiculous and absolutely simple task can turn into 20 minutes of work, for no reason other than people like to be difficult.  Which in turn, is why it is sometimes good to have a planner so that you don't have to deal with them, because once you add this in to the hundred other things I do, it is a long and exhausting day. 
Our Blog is Nationally Recognized with Award!
A Day in the Life of a Planner has won an award from Get Married magazine!  How very exciting!  Here is the email that we received!!


As you already know, Get Married is a huge fan of your blog. We enjoy reading your posts and love your enthusiasm for Get Married.

We are very excited to award you the first Get Married Sassy Site Award! Your blog is Smart, Awesome, Savvy, Stylish, uniquely You, exuding SASSY! We applaud you for the variety of your posts, your expert insight, and overall fun attitude.

With this award comes outstanding benefits to you and your readers. As a sassy site award recipient you will be placed on a preferred blogger list giving you premier access to Get Married news before anyone else. In addition, having our award on your site will further your site’s sass (no pun intended)". 

And there you have it!  I am beyond proud and so thrilled to be awarded by such a great magazine!  To be recognized for great wedding writing is definitely exciting since, over the past 10 years, I've only been recognized for great planning!!  Writing, planning, I say "Anything wedding is good with me!"