Who Really Needs a Planner- Robin & Tommy

Robin & Tommy were married at St. Ann's in Cleveland and then had a wonderful reception at the Club at Key Center.  The one thing that struck me about their wedding was that everyone there was so happy for them and so excited to be a part of their big day.  They truly glowed with their love for each other and each person that they talked to or that gave a toast, glowed with the same love and happiness for the couple.  Tommy even surprised Robin with a special toast before their first dance. It was so exciting to  be a part of all the love they shared and the beautiful wedding they put together.
On a side note, Club at Key Center did a spectacular job on the event and I am lucky enough to have several weddings this year at the site.  I look forward to working with them and my September & October weddings.  

Robin & Tommy brought their wedding photographer up from Cincinnatti and I must say that Nathan (of Nathan Peel Photography) was a great professional, easy to work with and got me their wedding photos within a week!  That's almost unheard of!  Here are a a few photos of his work and of Tommy & Robin's big day!  

Here is what Robin had to say about working with All Events Planned on her big day!

Q: What made you decide to hire a wedding planner?  
A: Right after I got engaged, a friend of mine had one big recommendation - get a wedding planner, especially to help out on the big day! I am typically pretty organized myself but I knew that it would be such a relief to have someone there on the wedding day to help execute all of the plans. 

Q: What types of things attracted you to each planner that you interviewed?
A: When interviewing a planner, I started with online recommendations from the A: Knot.com and from vendors that I had already booked. I wanted someone who seemed organized, fun and hard working. 

Q: What was something that made you NOT want to hire a particular planner and on the same note what was something you found that made you WANT to hire a certain planner?  
A: One planner that I interviewed did not seem very excited or interested in helping me plan my wedding. She also never followed up with me after our interview, which I thought was very unprofessional. The main thing that made me want to hire Brandi was that she was very organized and prepared for all of our meetings and she was very happy to discuss all of the details of my wedding. Brandi was so much fun to meet with and really helped me feel prepared and organized with all of the wedding planning. 

Q: What was the best thing your wedding planner did for you? 
A: The best thing that Brandi did for me was to help me cover every tiny detail of the wedding ceremony and reception. She thought of aspects of the day that I would have overlooked and I was so glad to have someone help me to make sure that I had everything accounted and planned for. 

Q: What was something your planner did that you would never have thought of doing?  
A: I was so surprised and happy that Brandi sent confirmations and schedules to all on my vendors for the wedding day. It was nice to know that everyone was on the same page and that they knew they could turn to Brandi with any questions on that day. 

Q: Did you feel that your wedding planner was worth the cost?  
A: Very much worth the cost!! I think this was one of the best decisions/purchases that we made for the wedding. It is difficult to put a price on peace of mind on your wedding day! 

Q: Was there anything you would have changed about your experience with your wedding planner?  
A: Nothing, it was wonderful working with Brandi and I could not be happier with the way everything turned out!

Q: What was something you wish you would have known before hiring your planner OR what was something you wish you would have hired your wedding planner to do?  
A: I wish that I would have hired my planner to help with the wedding shower too. I think that it would have made the event run more smoothly and would have been less stressful for my mom and myself. 

Q: Is there any situation where you could see why a bride would NOT want a wedding planner?  
A: Not really... even though I had time to work on the planning before the wedding, I was so glad that neither myself or family/friends had to be burdened with small details and issues that arose on the wedding day. While I could see cost being an issue, I think this was by far some of the best money that we spent for our big day!

I think that seeing her say that this was some of the best money she spent on their big day, is easily one of the best compliments you can receive as a planner!  

Here are some more photos from their day.  

Happy Planning!