Is it really the best day of your life?

From the time you were old enough to watch romantic movies, it was instilled in you that your wedding day is going to be the best day of your life, but is it really?

I want you to enjoy your wedding day and love every second of it because frankly there will never be another day like this in your life. It is a day to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé.  It is a day to celebrate the start of your married life.  It is the day to celebrate you and your fiancé with all the people who love you both, and the people who first taught you to love. Your wedding day is indeed a wonderful day but it is not the best day of your life.

The second you said “yes”, your life forever changed.  From that moment all these questions started swirling: Who do I tell this news to first? When do I post it on Facebook? When are we getting married? Where are we getting married? Who will be invited? When do we take engagement pictures? What food will we serve? Where will the reception be? Where will I get my dress? What style dress do I want? Who will my maid of honor be? And the list goes on…There are so many details that go into your wedding day to make it as perfect as possible, but believe me it will never be “perfect.” It will be what you make it, but it still won’t be the best day of your life.

Your wedding day should be seen as the start of a lifetime of “best days” with the person you vowed to love forever.  Your wedding should not be stressful or overwhelming.  You should wake up and have nervous-excited butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face all day.  Today is the day that you enjoy, to have a party to celebrate your new life.  After the guests have left and the reception is over, you have changed.  You both leave that reception together to live a new life.  Even if you lived together before the wedding, you are not leading a dating life anymore, now it’s a married life. You will go to bed each night and wake up each morning next to your partner.  You will learn more about them and they will learn more about you every single day.  You will find there are some things that they do that drive you crazy, and some that really make you smile.  Maybe they have really bad morning breath and that grosses you out, but you learn to love it because every morning you smell that breath because they kiss you on the forehead first thing to let you know they are choosing to love you, first and foremost, every day of their life with you. Maybe the day you realize that, it’s the best day of your life.

If one day you decide to bring a child into your life, into that love that you share and into that world you created, it will bring along another set of “best” days.  It may bring you some difficulty. Until the day you finally know that you are certain to be bringing a child into your family. You spend all day planning how you are going to tell them and once you have the perfect plan, you feel those nervous-excited butterflies again.  As they walk through the door, you can no longer contain your excitement, you tell your partner the news and that wonderful smile spreads across their face and you see tears in their eyes.  Maybe that is the best day of your life.

Years later and 2 children later you see your partner teaching your daughter how to ride a bike in the driveway.  You smile and silently cheer her on from inside the house.  You watch as she takes off and your partner lets go of the bike and she starts to wobble.  He sees her uncertainty and grabs her before she falls off the bike.  You watch as he takes her into the lawn and sets her in his lap and rocks her reassuring her it’s going to be okay and kisses her on the forehead.  In that moment you realize, your partner is really a great parent.  Maybe that is the best day of your life.

Years and years later you both sit on the porch watching the world go by and your grandchildren play on the lawn.  Your partner reaches out and grabs your hand.  Your hand looks a lot different now, more veins and wrinkles, but that ring is still there.  Gleaming as bright as it did the day he put it on your finger.  You look up at him and he smiles at you.  He looks different than he did when you married him but he is still your partner with that same smile and same eyes you fell in love with years ago.  You start thinking of all the things you’ve experienced over your lifetime with him.  You begin to realize there was never a “best day” of your life, it was a life filled with best days.

The truth is your wedding day should be a great day, but by no means the best day of your life.  As a bride said to me, “All I can hope is that this ISN’T the BEST day of my life, I have years to spend with my partner, I sure hope it isn’t all downhill after my wedding day.”  Keep that in mind while you are going over the details of your wedding day, whether with me or another planner or by yourself.  Keep it in perspective and say to yourself “This is going to be a great day, that will lead to a lifetime of best days to come.”

-All Events Planned