Today is National Proposal Day!

In honor of March 20 being National Proposal Day I thought I would share with you one of the best proposals I’ve heard from Eric and Kathryn.

Eric proposed to Kathryn on Christmas Eve, but this is much more than a Christmas proposal….

It was Christmas Eve in 2014 and for the past four years Kathryn has catered a family Christmas Eve dinner in their home. She had asked if Eric could come up towards the end of the evening to help clean up so they could get off to their own family Christmas Eve dinner.  When Eric arrived Kathryn noticed he was acting very strange but strange in a good way. She was busy working when she looked up and saw Eric talking to the family, who she was catering for, like he had known them for years but Kathryn knew they had never met Eric before.  She was plating the dessert when Santa arrived to give all the children their presents.  This was nothing unusual as it had been this way for the last four years.  All the children had received their gifts when Kathryn heard Santa say, “We have one more present!” Kathryn turned and saw Santa motioning towards her.  She still didn’t think anything of it and figured it might just be a gift from the host.  She made her way toward Santa and sat on his lap.  She began unwrapping the package and discovered it was a box with a beautiful ring inside it.  Even looking at the ring it still took her a minute to realize what was happening but this was the moment!  Eric walked toward her and proposed!  Afterward, with huge smiles, Eric and Kathryn headed off to their Christmas Eve dinner to share the wonderful news with their families!

“It was a glorious evening that I will always remember!” said Kathryn.


We love to hear the proposal story when our brides meet with us so feel free to share your proposal story too!  Whether yesterday or 10 years ago, your proposal will always be a great story to tell and remember for years to come!

-All Events Planned

Kathryn & Eric on their wedding day in 2015