Gourmet Girl redefines "Junk"!

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding guest… a guest at any event really… is experiencing the food. And with my enormous sweet tooth, you can guess which course I look forward to most! There are tons of new trends (cupcake towers, pies, doughnuts, ice cream bar, you name it) that are putting a twist on the classic wedding dessert. But, I for one, am a HUGE fan of cake! So when I interviewed our newest vendor, Adenike Mosley-Brown of Gourmet Girl, I was floored by the creations she has made for her clients.

She is a (fittingly) self proclaimed “Architect of Gourmet Art”, and truly makes dessert into something that could be showcased at the Cleveland Museum of Art. (I mean, honestly, if they had a display of stunning cake designs, who wouldn’t want to go to that?!) And Gourmet Girl’s “junk cakes” (please see photo and gasp) would be a featured exhibit! What is even more special, is her history and why she fell in love with baking to begin with.

All Events Planned: Describe how baking came into your life; when did it become a passion for you?

Gourmet Girl: Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes came to be as the result of switching career paths. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with all intentions to attend Medical School. However, after the unfortunate death of my mother, I began Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes to cope with my grief and to feel connected to fond memories of baking with my mother growing up.

Baking calmed me, allowed me an escape from my sadness; I was able to share the joy that stemmed from my Gourmies (fans of Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes) seeing and enjoying their gorgeously gourmet cake. Cake afforded me a way to channel my energy, and I’ve since found a true joy in the creation process that leads to the production of positive, visually pleasing, and delicious products.

I never would have thought that I would take a path from biology to baking, doing something that allows me to use my creativity to bring others joy. In many ways God and my business delivered me from a very low point of my life, and thus Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes was born.

AEP: How did you come up with the concept for Gourmet Girl? How would you describe the brand?

GG: I am Gourmet Girl, and I consider myself to be a connoisseur of fine food. The concept for Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes stemmed from wanting to provide a product that is not only an elite culinary experience, but one that is as equally stunning to the eye. Gourmet Girl is young and fun, presenting new twists classic flavors using only the best ingredients.

AEP: What is your favorite product to share with potential customers?

GG: I absolutely love making my signature ‘Junk Cakes’ for my Gourmies! What is a junk cake you ask?  A Junk Cake is what it sounds like, junky! It incorporates custom candy pieces, fresh floral, edible images all to tell the story of who the cake is for, reflecting what the Gourmie loves, occupation or passions or things that makes them unique.  A junk cake is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, engagement or bridal showers or even weddings to showcase the couple’s story!

AEP: What have been some of your favorite orders that you’ve worked on?

GG: I can’t say that I have any one order that I love most, because I love them all! However, I have a special place in my heart for Gourmies who order with me for every life event. I have multiple couples who have ‘invited’ Gourmet Girl to every celebrated milestone:  birthdays, wedding, baby shower and everything in between. I love experiencing the joys of life with my customers, allowing me the honor of telling a continued cake story, which for my is priceless!

AEP: If you had a client with endless funds for their event, what is one thing you offer that you would suggest they splurge on?

GG: Individual mini cakes for their guests at each place setting, either as wedding favors or as their serving of wedding cake after the couple cuts their cake. This would be even sweeter of each individual cake is a Junk Cake which is then customized to tell the cake story of each guest!

AEP: How do you come up with the ideas for your creations (or designs of your cakes)?

GG: In addition to being a connoisseur of fine food, I have a great appreciate art and rich cultural experiences. I draw upon these areas, as well as nature; and it is not uncommon for me to see something random and see it as cake. With my visual inspiration I am further inspired by my customers, taking care to design edible art that represents them to the fullest and encompasses every cake goal.  

AEP: What do you think is the biggest misconception about your industry?

GG: Often, I find that people disregard the importance of the cake for their wedding. Cake is thought to just be a cake, and it sometimes is grouped with the last things planned for the event. Cake should be thought to be the main centerpiece of a wedding. It should represent and reflect the couple and should be admired until the last possible moment. The wedding cake and its cutting by the newlyweds is significant as it is the first official task of the couple after the ‘I do’s’. The wedding cake signifies the sweetness of their love; the nurturing of their souls that have been unified as one; and the mutual sharing of their love through the sharing of the cake with family and friends! Long story short, the wedding cake is important, and should be approached with excitement and care to allow the cake to reflect the couple beautifully.

AEP: What do you think sets you apart from other bakers?

GG: With flavors such as Lemon Honeybee or Oreo Inception, Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes are a culinary experience, but in addition to this, I am an artist whose medium is cake and I tell my Gourmies story with Cake! From the planning stages to deep consideration of a customer’s ‘wow’ moment during their cake first look and first bite, I incorporate what makes them special into their cake design to show the world how unique and wonderful they are!

Hold on… wiping away a tear. Not only did Adenike’s personal story resonate with me, but her cakes (check out her Facebook page or over on IG: @gourmetgirlcustomcakes to see more pictures!!) are enough to make you want to cry. Her passion and creativity are nothing short of spectacular, and so evident in ALL of her desserts. Not to mention that I am drooling at the Oreo Inception flavor…

Thank you, Gourmet Girl! The next time I need dessert for an event (or just a Saturday night at home), I know exactly who to call. :-)

Brandi Hamerstone