Schooling us in Calligraphy

SO excited to have another amazing vendor to feature this week! This industry may seem saturated, but with so many couples who plan various types of events, each with a unique style and vision in mind, there is plenty of room for emerging artists to make their mark. And that is precisely what Tasha Pennington has done! Her company, Pennmanship, offers clients everything from custom signage to beautifully addressed envelopes. Tasha is a former teacher, and her creativity and attention to detail are noticeably standout. Plus, she is so sweet and personable!

AEP: How did you get started with calligraphy?

Tasha Pennington: I started practicing calligraphy as a therapeutic release after long days of teaching middle school students. I promised myself an hour a day of calligraphy which in turn improved my skills. When I realized I was pretty good at this, I took a calligraphy class to improve on the skills I'd learned from reading, watching, and practicing.

AEP: How would you describe your personal brand?

TP: penn•manship is personal! Everything is hand lettered in love and in lower case :) penn•manship exist to bring together elements of the clients' style, personality and color scheme to create unforgettable envelopes, place cards, wedding signs and more.  

AEP: Who is your ideal client?

TP: The ideal client should understand calligraphy is beautiful and also a luxury.  There's a shared responsibility between myself and the engaged couple to simply form a bond with each other. This allows us to share the love for the creative process and enjoy the end results.

AEP: What has been some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

TP: My favorite projects are always on chalkboards! I LOVE the contrast of the black background. Recently I've used black canvases for signage and they've been amazing as well.

AEP: If you had a client with endless funds, what is one thing you offer that you would suggest they splurge on?

TP: Place/escort cards! I believe engaged couples should provide some form of personalization for each of their guest. Even as adults, we all love to see our names beautifully scribed. However, we feel a sense of appreciate when they're not computer generated. Guest want to know you thought about them in your planning. 

AEP: Are there any emerging trends that seem great in theory, but clients should avoid?

TP: OH MY GOODNESS!! Place card walls. I understand I JUST said everyone should have place cards but whew, don't build them onto a wall. They are gorgeous because someone with the skill has designed and constructed this wall. Without proper management guest will pick up the wrong cards and incorrectly put it back, or not at all. If, you're one of the last guest to get your card I'm not sure it will still be from a beautiful wall. 

AEP: What do you think is the biggest misconception about your industry?

TP: "I can have a Pinterest wedding" Pinterest is great for gathering ideas however Pinterest rarely has pictures from a real wedding. Trying to remake everything you've seen on Pinterest will never truly show your authentic personality. Besides, we've all seen Pinterest show your guest something they have not seen.

AEP: What do you think sets you apart from other designers?

TP: As a former teacher, I have a tremendous level of patience but more importantly I am always looking for ways to continue to support educational efforts. I hadn't shared until now but I guess the secret is out. I am using a percentage of my profits to support a middle school science classroom to fund experiments. Working with me serves the engaged couple, shows appreciation to their guest and also supports the efforts of teachers who are working hard to reform urban education.

Tasha, there is so much to admire about what you’re doing. Continually working on your craft, creating beautiful designs, and supporting the community. Her work is gorgeous; her patience really does shine through. Give her website,, a click and see for yourself! We certainly hope we get the privilege of working with Tasha in the future!

Brandi Hamerstone