Company Name

Well, this is my first attempt at a blog. I've always thought that I have a TON of useful things to say but never found the time to actually type them out.

In the interest of starting my own business, I thought the best place to start would be, where else, a blog.

I have been an Event Coordinator, Planner, Consultant for almost 10 years now. I did have my own company, years ago, and then went back to working for catering companies and hotels. (i.e. other people)

Now, I'm ready to be a business owner again.

I'll get into more detail about me, my business, my life and events as we go along but our first task is to pick a business name. I've gotten SO many great ideas from SO many of my friends. I'm amazed at how creative people are! I'm going to list a few and if you could, pick, vote, suggest and feedback on any or all of them, it would be greatly appreciated!

Ideas to remember-
1-It is best to be able to get your website followed by .com, so that availablitly has to be there
2-It is best for your target market to KNOW what you do by your name
3-It is best to have your business name start with the letter "A" so that you are always listed first

Brandi Hamerstone Event Management
Brandi Hamerstone Event Planning
Hamerstone Event Planning
(the theme in all of this is to incorporate my name, to make it a household name, thank you to Sue for that concept as I find it VERY appealing. Although I find Hamerstone to sound a big harsh for Wedding planning)

Details Done Right


Elegance Simplified

An Event to Remember..

All Wedding Details

A Wedding Timeline

All Details Covered

A Stress Free Event (lame)

Any Event Necessary

A Bride's Best Friend

A Wedding Assistant

An Excellent Event

All Your Dreams Come True

A Moment to Remember

All the Plans for You

All Details Handled

Any Event

An Event Planner

All Details Considered

Events Simplified

Consider It Handled

Consider It Done

An Event to Remember?
(this has been the reoccurring vote so far, but the problem is that the website isn't available)