Client Feedback- Jason & Annie January 2010

I love hearing back from brides and grooms after their wedding.  Annie & Jason were kind enough to fill me in on their feedback and I've even have some great photos from their wedding to share! 

Here is what they had to say about All Events Planned, wedding planning services. 


Q: What made you decide to hire a wedding planner?
A: We felt a wedding planner is able to bring up all of the important details that we would have forgotten if we planned the wedding & reception just by ourselves.

Q: What types of things attracted you to each planner that you interviewed?
A: We stopped after the first interview!

Q: What was something you found that made you WANT to hire a certain planner?
A: She asked questions and brought up points that we did not think to even plan for during the wedding ceremony and/or reception. She respected us wanting to use our own ideas and we really appreciated that.

Q: What was the best thing your wedding planner did for you?   
A: Everything! She took control at all of the most important transition points of the night; she could look ahead to make sure that things flowed very smoothly, and addressed things before they became an "issue". Took all of the stress away.

Q: What was something your planner did that you would never have thought of doing?
One thing? Let's about setting aside an area for gifts, and coming up with a way for the gifts and cards to be transported away from the reception without us having to worry about it. Also, making sure that the transitions were not distracting; she knew exactly what to do, and just said, "Let me take care of this..."

Q: Did you feel that your wedding planner was worth the cost?
Absolutely. We would recommend her to everyone we know that's planning anything at all, for anything, ever.

Q: Was there anything you would have changed about your experience with your wedding planner?
A: Paid her more! (If one more client answers that way, I'm raising my pricing, lol)

Q: What was something you wish you would have known before hiring your planner?
That a planner makes EVERYTHING easier, and really they are there to iron out every detail. We wish we would have started talking to her a lot earlier.

Q: Is there any situation where you could see why a bride would NOT want a wedding planner?
A: Only if she's insane! (I love that answer)

Q: Any other input you have on your process with your wedding planner (me) any advice, ideas or feedback, it is all welcome. 
A: Her associate was a great help as well; both of you made our day perfect and we still talk about the fact that our day would not have been as special without your help. It was amazing!

Now you can see why I love hearing back from bridal clients.  They have the most wonderful things to say and nothing makes a planner feel better than knowing she made someone's most important day, even better!!  Have you asked your clients to give feedback on your services?  I bet you'll be just as thrilled with what they have to say.  If you are a bride who has hired a planner, why not send her/him over a thank you note right now, it is the best thing a planner can receive. 

All photos were taken by Pulp Foto.  You can visit their site at